How to pack a Travel bag for a Kiteboarding trip by

Hints and tips on how to pack for kiteboarding travel. Jeff goes over the tips he has learned from his kiteboarding travels.

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    6 Replies to “How to pack a Travel bag for a Kiteboarding trip by”

    1. danz beard says:

      Thanks for this! The bar info 👌

    2. I like your new store

    3. Mohit Bhasin says:

      Super helpful! Thanks.

    4. Simon Navia says:

      What board is that?

    5. Truth about protecting the board ends. I’ve found cardboard to be sufficient. Side rails seem to never have a problem.

      But no real discussion on the important issues, like how to minimize weight to fit within airline baggage limits and minimize fees. What is that bag going to fly as? It’s not a golf bag – but definitely oversized. They will charge an arm and leg for that bag. I doubt that with that much weight they’d even accept the bag at all – there are maximums any bag can weigh.

      I use a golf bag for twintips, and keep it as small as possible. Then I use a low weight military style dufflebag for the rest and make sure I stay within size/weight limits. You often have to maximize the carry-on allotment to keep the checked bag weight down. Wearing a harness or two also helps maximize weight allowances…

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