IMPROVE your SCORE on the course by watching how I play recovery shots when missing fairways in this golf pro vlog! In this video on how to score when missing fairways, we filmed a golf vlog 2020 style so you know how to recover in golf. We filmed a 18 hole golf vlog but split it into two parts; each part is a 9 hole golf course vlog. In this golf vlog from the Short Game Pros we discuss, on course golf instruction and on course trouble shots. We offer golf help in the trees and how a pro golfer thinks on the course.

I have always wanted to create an 18 hole golf vlog and this is my first one. For the viewer we have split it into 2 parts. This is Part 2, a 9 hole golf course on the Back Nine at Moss Creek Golf Club. In this golf vlog great shots come from everywhere. I will be driving up from the tee on each hole and throwing the ball in the woods, pine straw or fairway bunker to show how to score when missing fairways.

To make it easier for the viewer to watch this golf course vlog 2020, I filmed this golf vlog with shot tracer. Shot tracer highlights the flight of the golf ball to make watching golf more enjoyable. Since this is a golf pro vlog, we know you will be entertained by a lot of great golf shots. You will also get to hear how a pro golfer thinks. It is fun to watch great shots from the fairway, but how to recover in golf is where the real gold is.

Many golfers want to think like the pros but unfortunately tour events are rarely placing mics on the players. In this video AJ shares with the audience what he is thinking on each shot. It is really cool to hear a pro golfer on course thoughts.

This golf vlog 2020 is a how to play golf vlog, but more specifically how to score when missing fairways. It is amazing how much imagination goes into each show as I teach the audience how to recover in golf. What’s really cool about the video is once you stop stressing about your bad tee shots and focus on scoring you realize that it might turn into a how to shoot under par vlog. More importantly though, we discuss on course management golf fans need to hear.

Last week, Short Game Pros sent out a video on how to recover in golf if you are driving it poorly on the range. We received a lot of questions on how to hit those recovery shots and before we filmed how to hit each, we thought it would be fun to record a golf vlog 2020 and show you how we would do it. A member asked me in the golf shop, how to score when missing fairways, and that led to the actual title of this golf pro vlog.

On course trouble shots are easiest to teach with players during an on course lesson. Unfortunately due to covid and a packed golf course I have not been able to take many golfers out for on course golf instruction. Late in the afternoon, I can buzz around really fast, film a golf vlog 2020 with a specific task or topic that I am able to share with you, the audience. I will continue to create 18 golf vlog videos for fans.
I love teaching at the practice facilities but I have always thought on course golf instruction is the best place to learn. Golf is one of the few sports where practice does not happen where we play, but we can change that. Especially when discussing a topic like on course trouble shots, it is really hard to describe on the range. This golf course vlog 2020 is for the fans, but sure was it fun to film. I enjoyed filming my 9 hole golf course vlog but moving forward I think I am only going to be filming an 18 hole golf course vlog. If you have any comments or questions, I am happy to share. I will be creating a new video series explicitly so you know how to hit each one of these recovery shots.

After watching this golf vlog 2020 video, we are Short Game Pros, know that you know how to recover in golf. That no matter where you hit your tee shots you know how to score when missing fairways.

Thanks for Watching.



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    8 Replies to “HOW TO SCORE WHEN MISSING FAIRWAYS | Part 2 | Golf VLOG 2020”

    1. Mark Berman says:

      I'm a year late getting here. I found you on you tube shorts and couldn't find you fast enough. I'm hoping to get back on the course by January. I have what I think is a pretty good short game. I really like your game of golf. Easy listening and learning. I'm a resent amputee and I'm telling you I'll be back I hope you come out with some more new videos but until then you have enough to keep me busy for a bit. Keep up the good work.

    2. Excellent video of playing 18 with all the challenges we all face. I particularly liked #13 tree bounce and then chip in for par! Hilton Head rough is like my fairways in Northern Virginia. Would like to see more advice about hitting out of heavy rough from different distances.

    3. Even par through 9 holes. This one helps with the short game for sure.

    4. See – fairways are overrated!

    5. Pat Gibney says:

      Great video loved the putt on #10

    6. Russ Stewart says:

      And you have no idea how much I enjoyed watching!

    7. #13 chip – Awesome! Your putting is so good that it's almost automatic.

    8. David Furman says:

      Never give up. Another terrific video!

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