I get a number of requests for find out how to form photographs out on the golf course, so as we speak I am on the vary strolling by means of how I hit a excessive and low photographs, plus fades and attracts.

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    24 Replies to “HOW TO SHAPE GOLF SHOTS // FADE, DRAW, HIGH, & LOW”

    1. What's your favorite shot to hit? I love a nice fade!

    2. jer ents says:

      You are awesome 👏

    3. James Melgar says:

      princess of the golf ⛳😍

    4. อรุณสวัสดิ์นะค่ะคนสวยคิดถึงมากๆๆนะครับเยี่ยมสุดๆๆ คิดถึงคุณมากๆๆนะค่ะ….รักคุณนะ

    5. Vijay Singh says:

      Hi Paige I wish I could have seen your videos in my younger days but it’s never too late I have gone through most of your videos and it is helping me improve my game. Your instructions are simple and easy to follow. So Thank you.

    6. Informative video Paige thx ♥️

    7. Matthew Bell says:

      Thank you for these tips.

    8. Hey do you have a video about how to hit your ball straighter? My balls lately going to the right. Any tips I’d appreciated. Love your stuff!

    9. You should ask the one shot wonder shot after someone farted and your in the sand. Wedge issues. Spank it or just cheat loft it.

    10. You are a great instructor. Keep it coming Lady.👍🏌⛳🇺🇸😀

    11. I've newly found your channel and glad i dod because your style of teaching exceeds that of a number of pros I've worked with over the year. I recently purchased a new set of clubs which came with the standard, read slim, grips and discovered that i now am hitting a draw without trying using my normal swing . i have used medium golf pride grips for most of my playing years and my normal swing gave me a lovely straight shot. Just a thought that the grip is an important piece of equipment for a future swing tutorial. I do like your candid statements about the consequences of poor strategy or technique.

    12. Thanks Paige. Great advice. I struggle with the grip and where to apply pressure. Hard to find a consistent grip as the recommended grip feels odd.

    13. Great coaching tip at the end to make practice interesting. One thing I would like to see a demonstration is the back spin shot that you and Mike "aka Coach" seem to do on command to get a ball to land on a green and stop almost immediately or go past the hole and then draw back to the hole.

    14. Paige, I loved your presentation. I hope you can repeat this video but include a shot tracker from directly behind your setup looking directly down the fairway so that we can see the shape of the shot as you have executed it. I noticed on the draw, it looked almost like your foot stance was open as it was with the fade. Maybe a shot from directly behind the ball would have corrected that perception. I also wasn't 100% clear where the ball was set up in your stance relative to the position of the heel of your front foot (or maybe it's location within the gap between the heels of your two feet). Maybe a down shot showing the target line, the ball position and the position of your body and feet relative to the ball and your club set-up would help. Please don't take these comments as criticism, just a request for greater clarity from an amateur sitting in the cheap seats.

    15. Very helpful ! Well done !

    16. C W says:


    17. Ian Matthews says:

      Great tutorial for these!.. would be great to see a shot tracer for future vids Paige?

    18. Great tips! You have great natural athletic ability…your swing is buttah…wish I was that smooth!!

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