How to ship golf clubs beginner guide for Irons, iron set and Drivers Tips tricks for EASY shipping!

Here are some tips and tricks i learned over the last year on shipping golf clubs.

Thank you so much for watching!

I use the USPS boxes from the USPS website


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    20 Replies to “How to ship golf clubs beginner guide for Irons, iron set and Drivers Tips tricks for EASY shipping!”

    1. Thanks for watching!!! If you like this video check out Huge Golf club haul!!!!

    2. USPS is more expensive than shipping UPS, but I was told you cannot use a USPS box to ship with other services. Might want to mention this, if I am correct. To get around this, I wrap the USPS box in craft paper and ship UPS. Tremendous savings on shipping that way.

    3. Corey Thames says:

      Here's a thought bud and i do realize this is an old video, BUT incase you didn't know. The SMALL TUBE is actually bigger than the MEDIUM TUBE size wise. The med is I think 5×5 and the smalls are 6×6 I believe, or mine were anyway. PLUS the length of both together will fit a long driver with a huge head. Might want to try this, I hope that helps

    4. This video was so helpful! I ordered my saran wrap immediately lol Now I feel comfortable sourcing clubs….Thank you!!

    5. Toonsy says:

      Whatโ€™s the cost to ship for each one?

    6. Have you done an updated video on this topic now that the post office has added a $15 fee to ship anything in their medium tube? Steer people away from USPS for shipping golf clubs. Their prices to ship golf clubs are no longer competitive and you'll lose money shipping at the post office instead of UPS or FedEx.

    7. I loves this video so helpful. Thank you

    8. Wow! Thank you, super helpful!!

    9. Jody Hakala says:

      I like to watch you. Ha ha itโ€™s actually helpful you have the puzzle ๐Ÿงฉ figured out.

    10. I just used the USPS box to ship a putter. USPS wants $55 and UPS was $45 to ship from FL to IN. What is going on here? Any suggestions?

    11. What is the cost to send the single club? Does it have limits, like will it be more money over a certain length? If so, what length? What do you usually charge your customers for shipping.. I just calculated 2 lbs with the 35" tube.. and it was over 25 bucks to California.. what do you recommend for that to save money? What shipping services do you use to get a discount? I've been using pirate ship which is great.. but a club to California will be expensive.. I think! Thanks for your videos!!

    12. USPS letโ€™s you cut and use two boxes with there price fixed boxes?

    13. Eric C says:

      How do you find the best rate?

    14. Chanel B says:

      Very helpful – thank you!

    15. Where did you find the Saran wrap on a swivel stick? And what is it called?

    16. breeze787 says:

      I thought you were going to discuss how you send a club by first class vs priority shipping. Any discussion about how to save on the shipping costs is invaluable.

    17. James Holst says:

      How much does it typically cost to ship just one iron?

    18. Hi Mr Beard… Can you let me know what the finished size is that you put for the driver after being boxed? I put 44x8x8 on the one I shipped priority today and it was really expensive. The box I used to cover the club head was slightly bigger than the one you used but not by much. What do you find is the normal pricing for shipping a driver? Thanks and I appreciate your video!

    19. lstsrfr says:

      Hi Julian. When selecting service for USPS and your using a medium tube what do you select? is it USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box?

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