In this week Fixed in 60 Me and My Golf have special guest Rick Shiels giving a quick fix in 60 seconds on helping to stop those fat iron shots

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    34 Replies to “HOW TO STOP FAT IRON SHOTS”

    1. Make sure you strike it nice and clean. Ok thanks

    2. Alfred Brown says:

      I`ve been playing for Seven years and undergone a lot of lessons. When I acquired the golf swing strategies, I was able to make a 75 shot after a couple of buckets. Now, I am more knowledgeable regarding grip, ball position, through swing drills, and much more golf ideas. My prior handicap is thirteen, but now I`m starting to drop it. This tutorial is wonderful! You can discover this guide on Google. They call it Logan Ballοyshot

    3. bi0lizard1 says:

      I don’t care about an arbitrary “60 seconds”. It may be fun and games and lots of yucks for you guys…. but I want a video that takes the necessary time required to communicate effectively and clearly. Don’t like this focus on “60 seconds” thing.

    4. Kelly Miller says:

      I didn't realize they all knew each other? Pretty cool and all have posted many great golf videos on YouTube.

    5. But hitting off the mat doesn't help. I want to know how to not fat it, thin it, chunk it, and shank it on the actual turf. I can hit good shots on the matt all day but it won't ever help me perform on that actual turf.

    6. How do you stop releasing the club "before" impact on the ball? This has been my life long nemesis. Keep up the good work.

    7. can you please help me to deliver the driver head square to the ball?

    8. Demir Mirza says:

      Why my iron shots takes too much deep divots? i have no fat shots these days first contact with the ball and then ground very good distance 8i from 150 consistently but with very deep divots please help how can i fix this major problem???

    9. SquatchyTTV says:

      Got a question here from the US. I am hitting my long irons with a slice…but my shorts under 110 yards pure. What am I doing wrong?

    10. StrxfeTV says:

      I've been having trouble coming down on a steep angle with all of my clubs, especially with longer clubs, can you help?

    11. Jim Davis says:

      thanks for explaining why I sometimes hit fat irons

    12. I'm having trouble slicing my shots, driver and irons. Does your video over slicing drives apply to irons as well?

    13. I have been having a recent trouble of my backswing being flat. How do I fix this. Maybe a few drills? Please help!!!

    14. Robert says:

      Rick new series – fixed in 30! 😁⛳👍

    15. Nick Powers says:

      Super helpful I am always struggling with my long irons

    16. you guys should do a challenge tuesday without using a backswing.. start your swing at the top and just use your down swing to play a hole!

    17. Adam Flynn says:

      what is this musical golf tips? when the music stops find out which channel ur on 😜
      would still like 60 seconds on not thinning my chips 👍

    18. ANTUANN_ says:

      felicidades por el canal!! we need a spanish teachers as you

    19. Could you post some tips on 'ball above' or 'ball below' shots and what are the top 3 things you you should always try and do, ie alignment, grip and swing path, so much conflicting info out their it would be good for you guys to clear this one up. Thanks. Marcus Millgate – Kent – 18Hcp

    20. MetaDrew says:

      Haha I use that stupid song for my ringtone because no one else ever does so I never get ticked by someone else's phone ringing

    21. Tony Rock says:

      Absolutely nailed it Rick!!! Enjoyed this very much. Thanks

    22. Si Jones says:

      how to stop fat/thinning chip shots around the green? any good tips?

    23. Pierrep99 says:

      Very cool to see all of you doing a video together. Thanks and keep up the good work for those of us that need the help.

    24. Clark Nicol says:

      Can't wait to try this tomorrow!

    25. Jack Milner says:

      Just finished my found of fat irons and then this video came out, thank you so much.

    26. Dance lessons also available 😂 ha

    27. how to stop topping the hybrid ?

    28. How do you line long putts

    29. James Rooney says:

      I have a question on how to stop slicing irons

    30. Great video, really helped me , thanks guys !

    31. MewXGTR says:

      hahahha the dancing! what a great group of guys

    32. Tony Nelson says:

      love the tips. Can you provide tips on using the pitching wedge and getting correct distances. I struggle at various distances…say 100 yds and closer. basically have no control. please help.

    33. that dancing though hahahaha

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