How to stop hitting fat golf shots

Steve Buzza addresses the problems of hitting behind the ball and shows a simple drill to try and prevent this from happening.

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    9 Replies to “How to stop hitting fat golf shots”

    1. Alan B says:

      What about ball position in your setup, would this not be a reason for hitting it fat?

    2. Tony Reidsma says:

      Good drill buzz.

      You seem to be more comfortable in front go the camera also. Keep it up.

    3. Ben says:

      Good tip, I'm a real beginner and have fell in love with the game at the age of 25 and really struggle with striking the ball consistently. Cheers

    4. momentaila says:

      good tip, thanks!
      would this work with hybrids / three woods (no tee obviously) or is the lowest part of the swing different with these clubs ?

    5. konartis8108 says:

      Good tip. I can always feel it on a driving range matt when I hit one that would be fat on the course. Feels more clunky but gets a similar result as one well struck on the range.

    6. Or you could just move the ball closer to the tape.

    7. Paul Burns says:

      Great idea. This is my main fault and find range practice gives me false confidence. I think I've cured it then go to the course and of course it's still there.
      Good work buzza. Keep em coming. 👍👍⛳️⛳️🍻🍻

    8. Golfnovice24 says:

      The music in the intros of your videos suits your personality so well lol

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