How to Stop Hitting Fat & Thin Golf Shots

In golf, are you familiar with the terms fat and thin shots? Do you ever wonder what the heck people are talking about? In this video I’ll clarify these terms and explain the causes of each.

Dave Johnson is a Semi-Retired twenty-five year Class A member of the Canadian Professional Golfers’ Association. Thirty-two years as Director of Golf Instruction at Bloomington Downs Golf Club in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
Taught over eleven-thousand students. Focus on helping once-a-week golfers discover the natural ability that lies beyond swing mechanics.
Reader’s Favorite Award-Winning Book Author of “Just Hit The Damn Ball!” series
Co-creator (with producer Rick Davis) with two of the highest-rated golf instruction programs on Udemy:
‘Ultimate Golf: The Perfect Golf Swing and Beyond’
‘How To Fix Your Golf Slice’


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