With this simple explaination TOP 25 Golf Coach Rick Shiels shows you how to strike your long irons!


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  1. Power Path says:

    Bro, you just saved my life!!!

  2. Firebird says:

    I have been struggling with the long irons. I went to hybrids. I find the hybrids are much easier to hit…I was reviewing why the long irons are so difficult especially for older golfers when i came across this video. Well, I played yesterday and at the range warming up i took out the 5 iron, placed the ball opposite the armpit-left shoulder, and like magic I was hitting my 5 iron really well. During the round, numerous times I hit my 5 and 6 great. This is a fantastic tip.

  3. Wow Rick with no beard never knew it existed 😂

  4. Wow he’s shaved!!!

  5. The way you explain and demonstrate your tutorials in such a simple way to me explains why your the number one golfing channel and the fact your from Manchester too is the icing on the cake

  6. David Chung says:

    Good video, like to come around and have a lesson from you for my mid and long iron.

  7. Chad Helvey says:

    Omg Rick, once you said "your probably good with a 7 on up and struggle with a six on down", I literally laughed out loud. That's me to a tee, no pun intended, lol. And yes I've always played my long irons in the middle of my stance 😔. Thank you for all your help!

  8. justlifts says:

    Where's the beard??

  9. Chris Earle says:

    The reason I couldn’t hit long irons or hybrids is because the lie angle was never right… always too upright and the heal would contact first. So yeah, hitting off the tee makes it easy cause it takes lie angle out of play.

  10. Ben Daio says:

    Wtf no beard Rick you look like a baby in this video. Thanks for all the knowledge you shared over the the years

  11. Dane Martin says:

    As a lefty I feel so left out in all these videos.

  12. Leon L says:

    i broke my ceiling

  13. A Beverage says:

    Only problem with this video is I’m at work and can’t go to the range right away and try this. My pitching wedge-8 iron was killing it yesterday but things went downhill fast with my 6 iron

  14. It's crazy to see how far Rick has come since this video.

  15. Bvokey88 says:

    I’m happy with my driver and 7 iron – SW. I start to get inconsistent with occasional slices when hiting irons below 7 so the potential yardage gain with a 6 or lower just isn’t worth the risk for me. But I’ll work on it with this in mind. Thank you.

  16. Oh boy. I think this is why I never get enough loft on my 4 & 5 irons. I need to be positioning the ball further up in my stance.

  17. Andrew b says:

    Can’t wait to try this

  18. Updog says:

    Rick its me from the future, never shave again.

  19. This is funny. I just got a new 4 iron today, with modus tour 130. Yeah, it’s probably a little heavy for me, but it’s listed as a high launch, so I was interested in the dispersion of a heavy shaft. So first few shots off the mat, very flat, maybe 30-40ft apex. Trying to adjust for it, it started going down hill. So I broke a wood tee so that it would be just barely above the mat when I placed it in the tee hole. It was like a magical transformation. 70-80ft apex, and loads more distance. Can’t hit it off the mat yet, but this explains it. I’ve developed a very steep swing with my old traditional clubs to generate backspin. It’s not working with this new equipment.

  20. Well, I guess that explains why I have dug a hole behind my ball with my 3 and 4 irons. Treating them like my 7-9 irons. Thanks for that! When is the ideal time to use the long irons over the short?

  21. Patrick says:

    Love having these videos around to look back on and get a reset on how to strike properly! Great work!

  22. Pretty awesome instruction. So, 5 Iron and higher, go for the sweeping upward motion and don't hit down on the ball? Hover the club.

  23. Mr. Shiels, how far should you hold the club away from your body for long irons. Maybe a foot or so? I have been having trouble with th longer clubs, because I think I am holding them too close to my body. I hit everything up to the 5 Iron decent. But, I am horrible at the 4, 3, Fairway and Driver.

  24. I know I struggle hitting with those clubs

  25. Whats your paypal? I have hit the 5 4 3

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