This weeks impact show features special guest Karl Morris and Gary Nicol who give advice on how you can practice to help take your golf game from the range to the golf course

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    1. Corey Searle says:

      That player mentioned would be the GOAT… Tiger Woods

    2. Muadib223 says:

      Thanks guys, I watched this entire video and learned absolutely nothing… Good job…

    3. elmarair says:

      Played 9 holes today after having been hitting the ball on the range. And I’ve been hitting them greatly. But guess what: I couldn’t replicate that at all on the course. The result was terrible golf with me becoming more and more insecure with each shot. In the end, I felt like swinging a golf club for the very first time.

      Thanks for this great video. I will definitely practice that way going forward.

    4. I really hope I can remember to do this next week at my family's annual golf tournament.

    5. plug says:



    6. This video really helped me yesterday! Crossing my fingers can carry forward to next few rounds. Bad shots resulted exactly from what these guys pointed out. Really worked on phase one before setting up for shot. Thanks guys!

    7. CRW3DMedia says:

      On the range there are no consequences for a bad shot so you're not thinking about bad shots. Negative thoughts are unsettling on the course and will wreck your balance, focus and concentration. The mind controls the body. When you're thinking about hitting a BAD shot you're not thinking about hitting a GOOD shot and you lose control. Control your mind, control your swing, control your game.

    8. I struggle immensely with my mental game… I'm in a bit of a spiral at the moment. And it sucks so hard.

    9. Haha this is me-

      Range- 56..PURE..GAP..PURE..9,7,5 PURE.

      Hole 1 on Course immediately afterwards…9 iron fat. Pulled. Thinned.


    10. When you went through a whole bucket like a pro and the last two balls you want to bomb to the back net you end up duffing

    11. My apologies, but i need some help, and some questions I have, I’ve asked 3 head pros, and got 3 different answers..
      I’ve live on a lake in Texas, that has 2 private course, and and 3rd extremely private course.

      Ok so i went from a single digit handicap golfer from 2015, or 16, up until I had my torn up, and damaged my wrist, which I had surgery in December of 2019 to repair it.
      The first couple weeks, I just decided to hit range balls 9 out of 10 days.
      I have 3 really solid pros, one is Roland Thatcher, but I rarely see him, where I’m at.
      I live in a guarded neighborhood on Lake Conroe, and have 3 courses.
      Anyways, after building my strength back up,, and somewhat feeling comfortable.
      I can smash the ball on the range, and shape shots like i would love to do.
      But why can I not transform what I’m doing on the range to the course.
      Heck even 1 day, i hit like 6 shanks.
      I don’t know what I’m doing, and desperately need some input.
      Because i can shoot a 31 on the front 9, then
      out of nowhere i completely forgot how to hit the ball.
      So whats the best tips, to transfer how well I hit in on the range, or flirting with a sun 30, to not even being able to hit the ball.
      I know I’m amateur, and not a pro, but it’s very frustrating

    12. Glenn Watson says:

      On the range I put the basket of balls ten feet behind me so that I have to hit a ball ten go back and get another ball and set up for the shot just like I do on the course. That is the way I have always practiced and yet on the course I will often top the ball in a way that I almost never do on the course.

    13. This is superb!
      So simple but so overlooked. I will be 100% incorporating this into my practice.
      One of the best videos I have seen from you guys.
      Thank you.

    14. tjbugeye says:

      This could be the best video I have watched from you guys. I go to the range and just spend time smashing balls. Not ever spending time pre shot or post shot. Greatest advise I have gotten from you guys. Thanks.

    15. kyle jung says:

      I always try to course but it failed to do sometimes.

    16. Thank you so much Andy and Piers for all your didactic pedagogy, i began golf 3months ago and i began to watch your main tutoriels about swing 1month ago. I broke 110 last week thanks to your advices. 

      Im french and like a lot of my compatriots im not very good in english but it's a pleasure to learn with you because even when you speak too fast for me, i understand 90% of your remarks. 

      Learn golf in english, it's a perfect two-in-one, the best way to understand this sport of gentlemen. But please, do me a favor, stop to play for team USA when you are in a match play for fun LOL. 

      Tomorrow I will try to implement the advice of this video now that I have integrated technical advices. Road to break 100 in 2019 and especially having fun with more consistent game thanks to MEANDMYGOLF…  

      All my best wishes for this coming year that we will surely share together indirectly.

      Vous avez bien pris en charge mon jeu, je vous remercie Messieurs…

    17. This is totally my nemesis. All the videos and instruction that I have had over the last 10 years paraphrases the same ideas behind this video. So it must work and work perhaps for the majority. However, it hasn't for me. I do the Phase 1 part each time, but when I get to hitting the shot it just doesn't feel anything like the wonderful striking I have been doing on the range. The answer I head often is "Oh you are thinking too much" or "just visualize". I actually am a very visual person so I know that's not the issue. I honestly think it is more of a physiological thing that affects by rotation and body angles when there is a distant target. Not many videos get into this and would love if you could address it sometime. Thanks!

    18. Alan McCaw says:

      Some great pointers there and will definitely be putting them in to my routine. However, I do have a question.
      Where should you take your practice swing ?
      Is it be side the ball and parallel to the target line or behind the ball and at right angles to the target line ??

    19. maccybee says:

      When you said the 10 yard/10 pace walk, I knew straight away it was Tiger Woods!

    20. Great content as always guys. Could you please do a session on distance control? More so about gripping down 1/2, 1, 2 inches, how much effect that has to distances (in general, obviously its going to differ for everyone)? Questions like if i can hit my full 8 iron 160 yds, but also hit my 6 iron at 75% and also get 160 yards, is it better to use my 6 or 8 iron and why? Been experimenting with trying to control distances with my clubs and have tried playing several rounds of 3 club monte just to force myself to use certain clubs and experiment how to get different yardages, but would love to know what your thoughts are on this topic.

    21. I just wanna say, great video forsure! But is the background a greenscreen? You guys seem muchhh clearer than the background, the camera is weird.

    22. Great video !!! Followed the advice, went on the course and shot +4 and +3 the day after. Thank you so much!

    23. Now watching HSBC Champions, 3rd day. Tommy Fleetwood makes a triplebogey and walks away from the hole head hanging down.
      Now there would be a place for this.

    24. Steven Weres says:

      Hey guys, could you do a video about playing out of bad lies? Meaning sandy, pine straw, thin grass and dirt etc…. would be a huge help for playing at courses that don't have the resources to have great grass all around. Thanks!!

    25. Andy & Piers, Thank you very much for this video!

    26. Tiger woods! The blue line technique

    27. Good stuff gentlemen. I’ve been told I over analyze and get stuck in my own head. This range training should help!!

    28. Nathan Jones says:

      3 weeks without a video Me and My Golf? Feels like your neglecting the supporters and platform that got you where you are guys? Not a dig just feedback 😔

    29. jack could take 2hrs to hit 3doz balls. when asked why is he taking so long he said.."how long does it take to play 9 holes"?

    30. BeachBow says:

      On the range, every shot is a mulligan. I work on shots on the range with a specific goal in mind. Short game, or middle irons, or long balls. I never mix them, mostly because I work about a hour and that's about all I can realistically do. But when I warm up before a round, that's when I "play the course" on the range and never hit the same club twice. If I duff it, I play the next shot. I run thru a couple of my favorite holes, then hit the course. Putting can come either before or after my range time. And above all else, I intend to just have fun! Isn't that the real reason we play? JM2C

    31. Great work, course practice always beats the range

    32. I can't get over how smooth and easy Andy's swing looks. And he bombs it. Lessons please!

    33. Luke Elwers says:

      Very interesting and clever video! Hope to see you back at Stockport!

    34. Really enjoy your videos. I've tried to watch all of them. Any chance you could put together something for players who have one leg shorter than the other? I fractured my right leg and it's 1 inch shorter than my left. (Driver is much easier to hit than a 9 iron.) Bio-mechanics is a real thing when it comes to a golf swing.

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