How To Use The HIPS Correctly in the Golf Swing

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How To Use The HIPS Correctly in the Golf Swing

I stay up for working with you far more in the future with High Velocity Golf. Good luck along with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    31 Replies to “How To Use The HIPS Correctly in the Golf Swing”

    1. Paul Welsh says:

      Brilliant again 👍

    2. Boots Dalope says:

      Clear as blue water explanation, hips per se.

    3. illouzariel says:

      Clear video but too long

    4. I just blows my mind how many ways I can do the golf swing wrong …. thank god for Clay showing us the way

    5. Khaleel Azan says:

      This is really one of the best 👌 👍 lessons that I have watched .

    6. Golf lessons says:

      Thank you so much sir

    7. Shane Deel says:

      My shoulder always hits my chin on the back swing and my head moves everywhere because of it. I loose focus of the ball.

    8. Shane Deel says:

      I’ve never drove over 220 in my 2 years of golf. I’d take any of clays bad swings lol.

    9. K says:

      I’m sure you work with seniors. Can you do a similar video for senior swing mechanics? Thanks in advance.

    10. You need to talk about the upper torso and it angle going back and forward AND when.
      Over rotation is a common defect – how do you fix it?

    11. Angled out is not clear – you are good but bring it to "dick and jane" level.

    12. OK But you miss the mark in that timing is critical and you do not talk about that.

    13. G says:

      I enjoy your video. I have been focussing on start downswing and right hip and leg movement. Previously my legs moved everywhere and not stable. Currently in order to more control right knee movement I focus on downswing starting with hip movement ie hip before knee motion . Apprec your comments.

    14. rws jrss says:

      Too much talking just show us

    15. Wen Bray says:

      Clay, I struggle with this and am at times standing over the ball and don’t know how to start properly so I just move right. Killer like you said. Are you advocating that the right foot feels like it is turning to the right but not really and this will move the femur in the correct way to move the right hip in the correct way?

    16. Your the best Clay! I actually understand you. Thanks!

    17. Michael Hill says:

      I didnt know luke wilson taught golf

    18. Best explanation making a complicated swing move conceivable. Grateful to you Clay.

    19. I'm a great fan but on the first video I think you may be over simplifying by using the golf ball box.

      It can give the impression that you move the hips (specifically the hip sockets) move in a flat plane.

      In fact on the backswing the trail hip socket needs to move back and up and on the transition the lead hip socket needs to do the same.

      So in terms of the golf ball box as well as moving forward/backward, up/down and rotating in a horizontal plane it is also tilting in a vertical plane (drawn through the mid line from the top to bottom of box).

      Bit hards to express in word but as you rotate one far top corner of the box moves up with the rotation and the other down.

      I think this is important as when you talk about the dangers of not rotating the hips enough this can be caused as a direct result of thinking the hips need to simply rotate without tilting. It's the back and up of the trail hip socket that allows the room for a full hip turn. Similarly on the follow through its the back and up of the lead hip socket that allows the room for the trail hip socket to come under, up and through.

    20. Bob Agans says:

      Looks great but at age 78 I can’t make these moves. So need a video that helps me get more power given my limitations!

    21. I’ve struggled with a slide in the downswing for a very long time. Turn shift turn is the only swing thought I try to have.

    22. Steve Batty says:

      Used to subscribe to rotory swing golf. They advocated not turning the hips especially at the start of the swing. Destroyed me for years trying to keep hips square whilst turning shoulders.

    23. J.T. Daulton says:

      It's nuts how we're always dead on with what I'm doing. Clay is so good at focusing on mid – low handicappers problems.

    24. Greatly appreciated. Beautiful!

    25. Mike Bauer says:

      Love all your videos . . have you got any ones for 70+ senior golfers that need help? We can't turn like we used to, thanks.

    26. Red Eagle says:

      Thanks Clay always!
      I've been working on this hip moving action lately and I got the clear idea how to do it.

    27. liam Murphy says:

      Love this one mate. Thanks

    28. Onewayjay says:

      Great explanation on how to time up the hips and not be out in front

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