How to Use Your Wrists in the Golf Swing – GOLF WRIST HINGE

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If you’re questioning what kind of golf swing wrist rotation it’s best to have, it seemingly will depend on your ability stage. On this golf lesson, Todd Kolb exhibits us how to swing a golf membership if you’re a low digit handicap, in addition to senior golf swing ideas to get correct golf wrist hinge in the backswing and thru influence.

If you’re a golfer with extra swing pace and suppleness, your golf swing wrist motion goes to be extra held off, which will help you get a extra constant golf swing and shot accuracy.

If you’re an older golfer or have much less time to follow, it’s best to have some wrist hinge in golf swing to allow you to hit the ball, supplying you with extra arm pace to enhance membership head pace.

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    24 Replies to “How to Use Your Wrists in the Golf Swing – GOLF WRIST HINGE”

    1. Edward Green says:

      Todd excellent video. I am here in South Carolina. I do have a question as it pertains to grips. I having trouble with my release . My trail hand ulnar deviates and my ring finger right at my middle Knuckle is getting squeezed and it starting to cause me some pain. which of the two methods that you are discussing would recommend for me? Thanks

    2. Todd- I’m 65, retired last year, and thanks to you I’m playing the best golf of my life! I started using your suggested grip-
      with the back of the L hand facing more down and toward ball on backswing. Now I regularly compress my iron shots and more often than not they’re dead on target. My question after watching this latest video- do you recommend that same grip for driver and fairway woods? It doesn’t feel quite as natural to me as with irons and wedges. I’ll also say that the raising of my left shoulder and tucking the right arm – per your tips- has really straightened out and lengthened my drives! Thank you so much and please keep the vids coming!! Scott- Evansville IN

    3. Ezhar Naqvi says:

      Nice and helpful tip!!

    4. Mike W says:

      Distance is overrated.Relying on timing the wrists with everything else to hit the ball guarantees inconsistency in my view. You can't improve or play great golf if you keep missing fairways and greens.

    5. David Osband says:

      Really appreciate this lesson Todd! Sir – my teaching professional is a marvelous instructor and man. My issue is the difference in this video. My teacher and coach is trying to get me into the first style – following thru with club square and moving forward longer. My 66-year old body and surgical poster body, far prefer the wrist rotation method. I am most definitely an amateur with limited practice time. Best approach for me here??? Now, Dave is eminently approachable – should I suggest my preference for the amateur approach, or clam up and learn? Thank you Sir. v/r, Dave Osband

    6. Miketube9999 says:

      Am a 70-year-old experienced golfer with a 9 handicap. I need more accuracy, not more distance. I find that the wrist-release method requires very good timing to hit the ball straight. If you are a golfer who plays infrequently, ask yourself what could possibly go wrong with a swing that requires split-second timing to make a good shot? The answer is a lot of things! I don't see this release method as the best advice for casual golfers, unless all they care about is hitting it far but not often at the target.

    7. Mr rice S says:

      Thank you 😊 this is the best take way lesson. Thank you again

    8. Rich says:

      I prefer the cupping of the wrist to the more powerful wrist hinging motion because it keeps the club face square to the ball all the way through the apex of the swing. It’s incredibly forgiving in that way, even if it costs me power. When I try to hinge my wrists I tend to hit the ball with the club face open and I hit a push/slice.

    9. I’ve been struggling with this for several reasons like not staying down and over swinging for a novice like myself am I better off swinging with the arc swings or the hinge ?🤷‍♂️

    10. Ken Svoboda says:

      Really enjoy your videos. I have fused wrists and have tried to use the first method with varying results. I am a fit senior and fairly accurate but lack distance compared to my playing partners. Any advice to work around my physical condition? Thanks

    11. I forgot to mention that my instructor is trying to get me to swing with your wrist hinge method. It involves the wrist going from extension to flexion, not the motion one makes with a hammer. But I find that trying to time that just before and into impact is difficult, and I worry about a past tendency to early extend, or "flicking" and releasing too early and blading the ball. It just seems safer and to produce more consistent contact to work on the first type of swing. Others may of course feel the opposite.

    12. Thanks for this. Am working on the left wrist bowed and down and getting better contact. You do have to rotate, but bringing the left hand close to the left thigh and not turning the right hand over too early encourages rotation with weight on the left heel. Seems to make rotation part of a natural process instead of thinking you have to "fire" your hips separately from the rest of the swing. It also seems to encourage straight, high shots with short irons. If I don't rotate enough, the miss can be to the right. But I prefer that by far to a low, left hook miss. By the way, I just turned 80. Old duffers shouldn't give up on rotating.

    13. Thanks for this; I am in the process of changing from the wristier release method to the knuckle down version. As a fit 57 yr old playing to 8, I’d be grateful for your thoughts on which category you’d have included me in? I have noticed less length but greater consistency. I am wondering if I should keep to the old method for long par 4’s etc?

    14. the second way is only good if you have good eyesight because you will be looking for your ball all day

    15. Todd
      Thanks for your help. Ended up in 6th position in the Australian over 80’s championship. Thank you for your help. Michael Fenton.

    16. How do you turn the knuckles down on takeaway with a longer club like driver with more shallow angle of setup?

    17. Andy Shum says:

      I am an average golfer but I am basically using the first method for 2 reasons. The takeaway for the first option prevent the club head going inside and behind which is my fatal flaw. And secondly whenever I tried to do a release I always hit the ball fat or thin and completely killed my game.

    18. Is this à swing for booth iron and driver?

    19. J R Hunt says:

      Sinclair's data of professionals is at the top – 76% have extension, 17% flat, and 7% are in flexion. Agree with your comment, " find what is best for you".

    20. golfnut says:

      I've been using this method for over 10 years followed the AJ Bonar method of releasing the club.

    21. 10UPn2DOWN says:

      You can use the TOUR knuckle down method however, at the top just as you're starting the down swing you can hinge to create lag. this method also promotes an inside to out swing. Same finish, same accuracy and, it builds club head speed. Many Pros do this.

    22. Would be better if used a Trackman and showed the data. Would have liked to see the differences.

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