HUGE Golf Swing Results – My Student Improved By 20 Shots After This Golf Lesson!

I instructed him to really feel this within the golf swing after which one thing exceptional occurred – he improved by 20 photographs! Be taught the golf swing transfer that obtained my pupil to decrease their rating from 92 to 78 in only one golf lesson. This was one of the vital transformative golf suggestions I’ve ever seen and it’ll enhance your ball hanging.. It’s extremely efficient at getting your physique to swing by way of the ball with most velocity and consistency. Actually, it is a good way to test in case your golf swing is heading in the right direction, too.

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I’m Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founding father of SagutoGolf. Thanks for visiting my educational web page the place you will discover methods to get on the quick observe to bettering your {golfing} talents. Whether or not you’re a seasoned {golfing} veteran on the lookout for a fast swing tune-up after an on-course emergency, or a newbie simply seeking to get essentially the most out of your {golfing} expertise, I’m right here that can assist you obtain your {golfing} targets.

My mission as your swing physician is easy, that can assist you maximize your enjoyment in recreation of golf. As a result of, let’s face it, golf is a tough recreation.

My philosophy is wholly based mostly on the coed having a enjoyable, significant expertise in a irritating and complex recreation the place potential lifelong golfers both give up as a result of it’s too tough or that they expertise some type of swing-related ache or discomfort. I mitigate these issues by focusing totally on the coed’s wants and targets whereas educating a golf swing technique that finally takes stress off of the widespread ache areas of the swing.


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    36 Replies to “HUGE Golf Swing Results – My Student Improved By 20 Shots After This Golf Lesson!”

    1. SagutoGolf says:

      Like 👍this video and comment below if it helped you improve your golf game!

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    2. Raho Mangu says:

      Maybe between the legs😂😂

    3. Codog2009 says:

      Tom. Loved the video. Question though for my issue is my path is a bit too much the other way, inside out. My path is 5-8 rt. Face angle can be -2 to 3. Will the mini swings help with a more neutral swing path?

    4. FungusTTV says:

      9 over last time when I played on Sunday, watched your video at lunch today and was 1 under par, 2 birds and 2 bogeys on the front 9 and a bunch of pars, missed multiple good looks at birdie Finished 1 under on the back all pars 1 birdie

    5. This is such great advice! I used to try to "keep my hands up, drop into the slot, pull on a chain," etc. etc. I started golf at 35 and injured by back at least three times since then. Now I can practice chipping once I get over this pulled muscle in my back. It's gonna be easy and breezy – we're gonna be covergirls! Thanks Tom!

    6. James Bean says:

      Your hair is incredible!

    7. Hammer Tyme says:

      Life is too short to play bad golf.

    8. MrStevie57 says:

      You are hitting 7 iron as far as I hit my driver,showoff!

    9. bob pues says:

      Ya, baby…..keep the shoulders moving!!

    10. Heath Mire says:

      By far this swing tip on free flowing shoulders has improved my striking more than any other swing thought I’ve had. Thank you so much for keeping the swing simple.

    11. I’ve been following Tom for about three months and I subscribe to his course. The system that Tom teaches is by far the best I’ve ever tried. My ball flight and distance are much better and I have absolutely no pain. I highly recommend.

    12. Great video and tips Tom! Love your teaching style and humor. Keep the content coming!

    13. Never seen a single golfer swing how he shows not to. Wish it was a more realistic fault.

    14. Love your videos! I am curious why you never have any videos of you playing a round or two? Keep up the great work.

    15. I think I come over the top quite a bit I'm trying to figure out what the best feeling is for my shoulders, it's like when you turn you want to turn back and it's making my shoulders come over the top. I'm thinking when you turn and then start the downswing your shoulders should maybe come up instead of going around correct me if I'm wrong I don't understand. So I guess my question is what's the feeling I'm looking for if that makes any sense.

    16. Looks very easy but it isn't. You did explain it very well👍. Maybe I should practice more without the ball.

    17. Matthew says:

      Now this is how you get views. 👏

    18. My game for as little as played this year , when I did play my ball striking was so much better. This shoulder tip is great going to try it out today. Sounds like a cannon

    19. MrDraidis says:

      legend. you ever coming to australia ?

    20. Ed Belfi says:

      I am a Saguto golf member. What do you use to track your swing and see the ball flight?

    21. SAMaxLegend says:

      Great tips, I was carrying around 268-275, just took a few tips on driving from you and it’s now 303-308 carry almost 40 yards but effort almost felt the same.

    22. Max Molenaar says:

      Hi Tom, do you now have jumbo max grips on all your clubs?

    23. Mark Wheeler says:

      Simply the best, most entertaining instructor online. I transformed my swing in 1 month. I am now wearing out the middle of my clubs.

    24. What are you using to get the data ?

    25. Joe Gillis says:

      Love to watch you work with a student to rebuild their swing. Real life application of solid swing theory.

    26. Carlos Tyree says:

      One of the best instructors in the game 🏌️

    27. please come to korea.. we want your lessons!

    28. Amen!!!! This is the ultimate death no shoulder tilt equals a jacked up shot 🤣

    29. Rohit Das says:

      Nice. I find that whenever I didn’t complete my swing it was because my head moved forward causing my shoulders to get out of position. There is no way you can complete the golf swing then. Head behind the ball and swinging past a stationary head always allows me to complete the swing. ….love the forest beyond your garden!

    30. naturalbeast says:

      Shoulders move free, strike becomes crispy, ball go on the green

    31. Geoff Hunt says:

      Boom, boom boom!
      Love the great tips, Tom. Thank you!

    32. I definitely get more distance with this shoulder turn however during a round I start to misfire especially with the irons and end up in some bad spots. This could be my footwork or my age 81, altho I am on a 16 handicap. It could be my knees in the rotation, im trying to figure it out as I have been having good success with the Moe Norman style altho a ways shorter with all my shots and I am very impressed with your no nonsense approach to how we should be swinging the club. Cheers from NZ. Hey its almost summer.

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