Humans reach a new low. Literally!

Our modern way of life is largely dependent on land-based mining to extract the minerals and other raw materials required for construction, and for components in many technologies. Some suggest we may not have enough of these materials to see us through the transition away from fossil fuels and that we now need to go down to the deep ocean to extract even more. Others argue that, as we have only discovered less than 0.001% of the biodiversity at those depths, mining down there might not be such a smart idea!

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26 Replies to “Humans reach a new low. Literally!”

  1. Hi folks. Some of you eagle eyed viewers have informed me that the footage at around 9:00 is NOT the Cook Islands, but is actually Cape Town! This was a genuine error on my part. My apologies.

  2. A&W says:

    Well people can't just keep there damn hands to there self

  3. VarniX says:

    I love how "environmental activist" busying themselves gluing their hands to asphalts in airports, blocking roads during rush hour, and deluding themselves that living without using any of Earth's resources would be better (and I'm not talking about extraterrestrial mining). They should be against this and finding better compromises that's not as damaging as current resource extraction industry.

  4. azmanabdula says:

    The green energy system is anything but green
    Its a system doomed to failure as it can barely run industry let alone that and residential

    At this point we need to get nuclear fusion up and running as fast as possible or else the world as we knew it is gone

  5. azmanabdula says:

    All those open border greenies who were against nationalists are going to have a rude awakening when they cant stop multinational conglomerates ruining their local ecosystem

  6. I just want them to disturb it do so the world can see it's real

  7. BD Pershing says:

    You all wanted an ev world, guess what? All those rare minerals are in need. So either some poor country will send human labor to mine it, Destroying their home, or we mine the ocean floor. Need more electrical generators, electrical motors, solar panels, batteries, etc. It all has a cost, and you all have been blindly chasing just to be ev reliant. Instead of looking for a balanced solution.

  8. LiquidLar says:

    The greed of a handful of powerful people will be this species downfall.

  9. J G says:

    Unfortunately this practice is inevitable, if not by us, then countries that don't care about destroying the deep sea, aka india or china.

  10. Troy Allen says:

    What kinda crap is this?! Can't we leave anything alone? If we can't do it safely above water 💦 Then what do you think is gonna happen when we go down there. No such thing as safe

  11. Dan Brit says:

    id bet my house the mining company's are chines

  12. Dan Brit says:

    save nature by destroying it

  13. 63phillip says:

    If the industry would stop making cheap products designed to break down within a few years we wouldn't need all the minerals to make more products. Go back to making products that last .

  14. 63phillip says:

    Wow what a brilliant idea first you rape the land of its resources and leave the land polluted forever, and now you are going to do this to the Ocean floors. What's next let's just pump out all the lava inside our planet and use it for heating our homes. Humans are the only Animals on this planet who destroy the only place they have to live.

  15. Ah yes, let's leave the industry to manage themselves that has always worked perfectly… wait!

  16. Florida Man says:

    If we want to exploit the environment we'll need to stop being dependent on it first.

  17. Lyn Charles says:

    I laugh at anyone who thinks this will not cause harm to ocean floor life. I laugh even harder at those who think this wont affect surface level life.

  18. Paul Wolf says:

    Why don't you put out in the open all the companies that want this mining instead of the virtue signaling ones.

  19. Our Greed knows no bounds 🥰

  20. Seriously? We need to give up capitalism and move to a resource based economy. Enough of this crap.

  21. Larry Baum says:

    A couple of things worth considering before opposing all deep sea mining:

    1. I heard there's a company investigating robots to pluck individual nodules rather than dredging the whole seabed. That seems like it would be much less disruptive, though less profitable. What would be the impact of this method, if the technology works?

    2. The alternative to deep sea mining is continued land mining, which is disruptive, too. We should weigh the effects on the environment and the economy of each alternative.

  22. 2123tfl says:

    Give these guys some credit… they spent alot of time and money trying to figure out the best way to destroy the earth

  23. RandallSlick says:

    Good god. Thanks for being that most dismal and most useful channel on YouTube. Keep up the depressing work.

  24. Phil Rabe says:

    This might have been too much of a rabbit hole… In the 60's the Soviets lost a nuclear sub north of Hawai'i. So in the 70's, the CIA hatched a plan to retrieve it using Howard Hughes as a cover story. Howard, it seemed, was suddenly interested in deep sea mining… Hence the weird design of his ship Glomar Explorer.
    Anyway, business people took notice, because if the industrialist Hughes was in it enough to build a custom "mining" ship, there must be money to be made there.

  25. Devin Irving says:

    Beyond dumb! Stir up the floor so all fish life dies! They r lying if they say it won’t harm! Wreck their ships if they r allowed to harm are oceans!

  26. John John says:

    Where's the Black Divers when you need them

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