Hyundai D-Cube City, Sindorim, Seoul, Korea weekday walking tour [현대백화점 디큐브시티점]

Hyundai D-Cube City, Sindorim, Seoul, Korea weekday walking tour [현대백화점 디큐브시티점]

Join us for an immersive walking tour of D Cube City, a development nestled in Sindorim, Seoul, South Korea. In this video, we’ll explore the D Cube City’s architectural marvels, cultural spaces, and more.

Before we embark on our journey, we’ll start by introducing you to the location and transport links of D Cube City. Connected to Sindorim Station, a transfer point for two major subway lines, the accessibility of this unique urban oasis is unparalleled.

D Cube City is a mixed used Development, consisting of a grand department store, a stylish hotel, modern apartments, bustling offices, and vibrant art centers.

Diving deeper, we’ll unravel the department store’s intriguing journey. Originally known as D-Cube Department Store, it underwent a transformative change in 2015 when it was acquired by Hyundai Department Store. Despite facing some challenges, this branch has seen steady growth in sales, ranking 48th in Korea in 2022, with KRW 242 billion (approx. USD 188 million) in revenue.

Throughout the video, we’ll discuss the potential future of the Hyundai Department Store D Cube City branch, now under the ownership of IGIS Asset Management. Speculations abound as they contemplate remodeling the department store into office space, which may impact the local community and the store’s dedicated customers.

Join us as we soak in the sights, sounds, and stories of D Cube City, celebrating its unique blend of modern design and traditional allure. Walk with us, and together, let’s uncover the tranquil beauty of D Cube City on this delightful journey.

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Video Contents:

0:00 – Intro to the video
0:07 – Intro to the D-Cube Development
3:53 – Basement 1 [Young Casual, U-PLEX]
10:13 – Level 1 [Fashion, Cosmetics]
12:57 – Level 2 [ Women’s Wear, Shoes, Accessories, SPA]
16:09 – Level 3 [Men’s Wear, Golf, Shoes]
19:12 – Level 4 [Sports, Outdoor, Kid’s]
22:51 – Level 5 [Living, Restaurant]
26:02 – Level 6 [Restaurants]
27:17 – Level 7 [Cinema]
28:03 – Level 6 [Restaurants]
29:02 – Basement 2 [Food, Young Casual, U-PLEX]


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