I Bought The Most Expensive Sneakers From Temu!

In this video, I’m telling you my experience buying sneakers from Temu. I bought the most expensive sneakers I’ve ever bought and I’ve bought a lot of sneakers in my life.

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35 Replies to “I Bought The Most Expensive Sneakers From Temu!”

  1. Yes I would wear any of the shoes in the video cuz I grow up broke

  2. datboot jerk says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 man ain’t no way

  3. Bear? You mean bathing ape

  4. Scott Harlow says:

    Anyone get a jersey from temu just curious about quality

  5. itz_said says:

    Black and white one pandas are like bapes

  6. I’m waiting for the panda dunks/ bapes, as long as they’re pretty decent quality I’ll wear them. I’ll let you know

  7. Ely Dot says:

    You Fools are supporting child labor . The company Temu is under investigation by the US government .

    You goody people fall for anything trending out of the blue .

  8. CHEZEFACE says:

    Looks like some Walmart shoes

  9. Temu is for stylist not people that's tryna fit in

  10. is bro using a green screen 😭😭

  11. The balanshicas hard lol

  12. Why you have a green screen on 😂

  13. Anthony Cruz says:

    I wonder about the support and quality

  14. Yo that’s a green screen the label on temu crap has green on it and it was see through

  15. Bro h should order some air 270 of if temu

  16. GymGirlToks says:

    temu is my favorite

  17. Wafflego303 says:

    nahh that green screen is crazy😂🤣

  18. Chameleo says:

    Where are the Yeezy

  19. Big Red says:

    Make more cause u know these videos get mad views and these apps always update make a new one man !!! Thank u

  20. Mason Lowery says:

    The black and white shoes are not inspired by panda dunks there inspired by a different designer shoe but I can’t remember the name

  21. them shoes hurting hypebeasts eyes right now

  22. Mihić 14 says:

    Did he wear literally the same fit for 4 days?

  23. TheRealCryp says:

    nah wtf are those jordan 4 fire reds

  24. A1 Bokeh says:

    Brands buy these slap a logo on it and aell it to you for 10x price

  25. Letty Mtz says:

    Lol not the all diapers

  26. Chad Crigger says:

    Yeah I would wear them all. Don't care what people think of branding and I have better things to waist money on so cheap shoes are completely fine with me.

  27. Jay says:

    3 days later?

  28. Siica Oballe says:

    shoes doesn’t make you
    you could wear the cheapest shoes and still look cool is how you make them look cool just like if you buy expensive ones

  29. Weston says:

    is that a green screen behind you?

  30. I just bought the Err Force "Two's" . Black ones and White ones. They actually look good.

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