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    1. Daniel Smith says:

      Never saw any content using this net after you built it lol

    2. I'm just researching into creating something like this myself but now thinking it needs to be covered for winter…and then heat-able! That's a really great area you've created. I'll certainly use this in some of the planning. I really wish you'd gone into a little more detail on how to get it past the wife though. I think that is probably the hardest part of the project!

    3. I like the archery net, do you leave it outside? I wonder if it will last even if I leave it outdoors!!!!

    4. Rob P says:

      Great video 👍

    5. Kym Stock says:

      What is the distance form the net to the backing fence? i.e. the length of the horizontal mounting tubes.

    6. Doug Hanson says:

      If you have an iPhone, get an app called “Shot vision” it’s free for basic, or something like 6 or 7 dollars a month. You can thank me later… cheers

    7. What size are steel pipes mate ?

    8. Lee Faulkner says:

      Is the netting and size you ordered. Looking at doing sometime similar but might need something that isn't fixed and can be put behind the garage when not using. Looking at using similar type of frame that can be anchored down when being used. Appreciate and help

    9. Hi Andy, quick question on the netting, I've ordered some archery netting, looks similar. How much space do you need behind the net until a wall (for give etc), if it's loose will 1ft be enough? Thanks

    10. Dan Kornfeld says:

      The bonus of this design – being able to use the screen for movie night in the garden!

    11. Well, you could always bring out a projector for a movie night with the wife on the lawn. Double use for the net.

    12. Poppa Jack says:

      I grabbed some filter fabric and hung it over a clothesline cable, as long as its loosely hung the ball will just fall on the ground in front of it. I'm just using my swing caddie sc300 for distance and ball speed.

    13. Download an app called "Shot Vision" on your mobile. It's a free launch monitor app. It isn't a track man or skytrak but the feedback is consistent and its FREE.

    14. Westy147 says:

      Don’t use net world sport. Currently in dispute with them. Waited from 27-3 till 23-4 for my 3 x 3 net. Taken my money not a word from them. Be warned, they’ll take your money but you’ll get NO PRODUCT. The website says still open as well. They’ll scam you as well!
      Instructed bank to make a claim.

    15. Peter Price says:

      Great job Andy. Just one question? What is making the metal ding sound when the ball hits the net.

    16. Chris Gibson says:

      How well do you think this netting would work as a projection screen.

    17. A Wiganer says:

      I hung an old sheet over the garage door, cost 0.

    18. george betts says:

      I used a ground sheet from my caravan and have hit 1000,s of balls into it, I recon it’s better quality then the nets you buy from the golf shops.
      If you want a picture let me know.

    19. Mark McNulty says:

      Love this setup! Can you drop a link in here to where you bought the net?

    20. Alan Conway says:

      Andy how loud is the noise on impact? Is it loud enough to annoy neighbours ect? I'm thinking of building something myself but I might build a cage to hit into so as to minimise tbe damage of a poor shot.

    21. Just like my wife using my best tenon saw to prune the trees, came to use it and blunt as hell, grrrr, lol.

    22. Roelf says:

      Well Done…
      Quilt on the washing line with a Garmin Approach G80. expensive but also to use on the range AND course…

    23. Michael Fogg says:

      Great video, I've ordered the parts apart from the archery net as the company has hiked the price up I've gone with a standard net, I should hopefully have all the parts next week giving me plenty of time to smooth it over with my wife 😉

    24. I just don’t get it !! – you’re just smashing balls into a net 2 yards ahead of you, exactly what is this “training” or “benefiting” you ? . You don’t have a launch monitor so you don’t know the numbers / ball speed etc , you ain’t seeing shot shape or how good a strike it was, all these lot that have bought nets cos they’re stuck indoors is stupid. Be better with a putting training aid Guaranteed after 30 balls you’re all fed up.

    25. woodycato says:

      Shame the golf mats cost an absolute FORTUNE!!!

    26. James Norris says:

      great idea. where did you get the impact sheet from?

    27. Steven Smith says:

      You could get yourself a Garmin G80 which has a basic launch monitor built in along with gps . Retails at £389 . Works with a net and gives instant feedback

    28. Shame you illustrate with a decent/expensive mat. The cheap one you suggest is tiny

    29. Where did you find that canvas impact net?

    30. It's great idea and a good thing to be able to keep your swing loose, but unfortunately you really have no idea what your launch angle is or what your backspin is or what your side spin might be you could be grooving a slice or a hook…you need a launch monitor…I'm a Golf Coach, 32 years in golf…

    31. How long are the sections bolted to the wall (i.e distance from net to back wall ?) I have a 3m putting area at the back of my garage and would love to put a net but wouldnt want to lose too much putting space

    32. Jacob Bowen says:

      Could you post the link and size of the net you got from World Sports!

    33. Mark Zola81 says:

      I ordered a driving net for the garden the 25th of March, still hasn't come 😭

    34. J B says:

      Brilliant top job mate.

    35. Adrian Evans says:

      R-motion by Rapsodo is $199 usd. It is very accurate and can later be integrated with SkyTrac later on. I have taken it to the range and direction/shape was accurate and yardage was close but not 100% accurate.

    36. Allan Ordona says:

      Hi mate, how has the screen fared after 1 week since you posted this? Pretty durable. I’m looking at the same product. Cheers

    37. Looks great! As an electrician I'd be able to build with work materials at low costs (minus a good net) but unfortunately don't have the outdoor space at the minute! When we finally move to a bigger house this is the first thing I'm doing, and then it will be saving for a launch monitor. You should have a look at the Mevo+ and get it paired up with that hitting net!

    38. Ben Darch says:

      Does anyone in England have real grass in the backyard lol

    39. Paul Barr says:

      When you ordered from them did you get an email confirmation and what was the delivery time? I've got an email from one order but not the one for the actual net… cant phone and no email response yet, been a week. Getting antsy! Cheers. Good video hope to have mine up and running soon!

    40. Your to late!, about forty years to late!, when we couldn’t Golf for whatever reason, all we did was get any old large piece of Carpet and hand it over a washing line in the back garden!

    41. Daniel Smith says:

      How much was the wood ??

    42. Lee Fitton says:

      Nice video pal, just ordered mine👍

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