I Challenge TOURS BEST Wedge Player. First Ever Bryan Bros Combine!!

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    34 Replies to “I Challenge TOURS BEST Wedge Player. First Ever Bryan Bros Combine!!”

    1. Tommy says:

      Great video. What’s the name of the magsafe mount you’re using for the iphone?

    2. Adam Kabala says:

      This is a great video. Do more like this!!

    3. Tim Daigle says:

      really awesome video concept guys. especially explaining why youre playing the numbers you were to certain flags in the wind conditions. helps everyone get better. something i can take to the course myself

    4. God George, if you can keep him out of your head you’ll be just fine!

    5. bjybhs8 says:

      Pretty cool challenge

    6. Great video!!! Love all the talking through your thoughts before and after shots.

    7. You build Wes up and Wes tears you down.

    8. Addo says:

      A video with 100% arguing. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    9. Im Strettxn says:

      tours best wedge player who doesnt even have status on tour lol

    10. Peter Whalen says:

      Wesley rocking a Taylormade Driver?

    11. Lmao Jerge is a damn good player! His numbers were impressive!

    12. sduke39 says:

      That was really great!

    13. Adam H says:

      This was awesome, do more combines!

    14. Such a good video. Great work gents

    15. 7417cd says:

      Really enjoyable. Good idea, good fun. Let's see lots more of these video's. How good is Wesley, sorry George 🤣🤣

    16. Josh Baker says:

      It’s funny to hear how similar their voices sound. George is a little twangier but still..

    17. Porzak Golf says:

      Love the competition fellas!!

    18. We need a 1 club 9 hold match with you two

    19. @bryanbros would love to see a video of Wesley talking through what he is doing to change his game up. Different balls, swing changed club changes all that kind of stuff!!

    20. Scott Wesley says:

      This is a really cool video/concept/exercise. I think for the part where you come up with adjusted yardage it would be cool if you each wrote down a number before you knew the other persons number/result. That would take the advantage of being second out of it

    21. Terry Lovell says:

      Great video! Would like to see what clubs Wesley is trying for next season and what he’s looking for in equipment. What about a fairway bunker challenge or fluffy lies?

    22. Ben says:

      Did Wesley switch from Callaway to Taylormade?

    23. You guys are hilarious

    24. Love this challenge, great combine and great idea for meaningful practice beyond just pumping balls at the range

    25. I enjoy off-season Wedgely content! Hope he has a good one and makes an epic comeback.

    26. Brian Murray says:

      Gerge you should he able to beat Fryer first in this type of challenge before challenging the wedge master. But you're a good brother giving Wesley a boost of confidence

    27. Dave Story says:

      more of these please. my distance control is on point these days but my line is suspect. the greens I play pin high is not ideal,

    28. Jacob says:

      Wesley for Taylormade???

    29. Nelson James says:

      Easy swing flighted wedges = good results.

    30. Awesome, guys! Keep on pushing and bring Wedgley back on tour. Love, how you motivate him, George!

    31. Zach Roe says:

      great video. love the mental aspect of this.

    32. Sam Hodgeman says:

      Should’ve called this the Banter Challenge because it was on full display today.

    33. Pj24Ivy says:

      That phase 2 is really good! More contents like this please! Makes you appreciate more and more how good tour players and and those who are up there in the top rankings. Mind blown.

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