I could put these NEW IRONS STRAIGHT IN MY BAG!!!

I could put these NEW IRONS STRAIGHT IN MY BAG!!! When shopping for new golf golf equipment we all the time need the most effective golf golf equipment of 2022, the longest driver, probably the most forgiving irons… the most effective all spherical golf golf equipment. However relating to it… which golf golf equipment must you purchase in 2022? On this video we play golf with the brand new finances golf golf equipment from Takomo Golf. The Takomo 101T… for me I could put these irons in my golf bag tomorrow. Are low cost golf golf equipment a the best way ahead? Or must you purchase second hand golf golf equipment? Let’s discover out… and let’s do it now!


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    34 Replies to “I could put these NEW IRONS STRAIGHT IN MY BAG!!!”

    1. where did you get the takomo bags from? the one on the website is much smaller and different

    2. Bill Morton says:

      Clubs looks awesome

    3. Karel lajka says:

      Fantastic looking irons, on my wish list🙂. Thx for sharing!

    4. ed f says:

      Chris is the dude! I play Hogan Icons and love them. Blades are consistent with no surprises.

    5. Are you sponsored by them?

    6. I have some mazuno's that are pretty close to blades I guess they would be considered blades.. But they have a cavity I would really like the set you have to try ! Please consider picking a loyal Fan

    7. Paul Smith says:

      Great vid as normal. Love the banter you 2 have. If you ever get bored would love to see 101t vs ping i525 👍👊😁

    8. John Guest says:

      Another great looking iron by takomo.. blades look awesome.. and the shaft options are a huge bonus, well done takomo 👌

    9. Norm Lang says:

      Love all the Takomo content. I'm 99% sure I'll be ordering a set this summer. Still on the fence which model I'll be getting. They seem like a perfect combination of performance and value.

    10. Jim McCoy's says:

      Just really proves that with so many good clubs out there, a good golfer who strikes it correctly can use about anything!! It’s really looks and confidence in what you want to use!! I just prefer a more classic look over those chunky wide sole offerings!! I just can’t get past the look

    11. This must be the Honeymoon! Hope ya remembered to take the missus as well ! 👍

    12. Ryan Davies says:

      I use mizuno pro 221 blades in the 7 to pw and I love em

    13. Darren Hall says:

      Are Takomo introducing a Driver to the range?

    14. Vern Haynes says:

      The two of you make a very compelling team to do the vids. Great job.

    15. Sebo Smith says:

      Think these are my favourite videos. What a duo 😂

    16. Ask no questions and get no answers !!! We should know this by now.

    17. Love the looks of the 301s

    18. Pike lake.😁 Its Baltic sea. Greeting from Finland.

    19. Darrell says:

      It's SAD you guys can never get the feeling of hitting a Forged Stainless Steel Kenneth Smith Royal Signet custom fit blades, I have a set that I had custom fit back in 1993 in Shawnee Mission Kansas and they are SO SWEET to hit and are SMALL-headed clubs!! AND they were $210 dollars a club, and people think PXG's are expensive !!! $1680 for a 3-PW, and that's when you could buy a set of Ping Eye2s for about $400 -500 new!
      Love the looks of these Takomos!!!

    20. Blades all day if ur 8 handicap or under…Why do you need long powerful irons? U should place way more importance on each iron going a specific distance, not how long U can possibly hit it. I don't like to carry 4 wedges either…

    21. Kingdave90 says:

      What putter does Chris use?

    22. Mike Lewis says:

      Stop with these clubs

    23. Can you imagine Chris as a natural for Finish golf ?

    24. rick petryk says:

      Can you blend the set?

    25. rick petryk says:

      Cause blades are so sexy lol

    26. I started playing when were all there was. That's the way it stayed for 20 years. I switched to cavity backs in an instant when they came available and never looked back.

    27. Kevin Wood says:

      Blades really are the best looking clubs to me but above my skill level. Would like someone to do an online review of the PXG 0211 blades . Sometimes they have a good price break and I do like the looks of them.

    28. Keith Ivory says:

      Love the look of the Takomo irons!! Great video guys and a good effort playing in those conditions 🌧

    29. Endsieg009 says:

      I wish you’d throw in a 18 hole course vlog broke into front/back 9. Class video as usual though thanks James.

    30. Karl Apps says:

      Really nice looking clubs even when wet. Chris looks like he loved the rain

    31. Simon Leach says:

      Good thing you went to Finland in summer!

    32. Paul Bown says:

      Hi James, yes I play blades. For some of of (maybe not many) an iron with a thinner sole performs better

    33. gentle01 says:

      What was the last product you reviewed and didn’t like?

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