I fixed my swing, it's over for you (PGA Tour 2K23)

PGA Tour 2K23 on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1588010/PGA_TOUR_2K23/

This video came from my stream on July 28th, 2023. Catch me live from 9AM-2PM PT every weekday here: http://twitch.tv/Northernlion

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31 Replies to “I fixed my swing, it's over for you (PGA Tour 2K23)”

  1. This guy casually references Seinfeld and Iā€™m about it

  2. Lisa Stormo says:

    Im gonna say this: if you dont have any big issues in your professional or social/family life because of your (in my very non professional opinion) clear autistic traits, I would not bother trying to get an official diagnosis. You might even risk not being allowed to move to certain countries, get certain insurance etc.. Make sure you figure out what you might not be able to do if you get the diagnosis, and weigh it up against what you need from a diagnosis. IF you need help that an official diagnosis will get you: sure go for it! Of course! But genuinely: self diagnosis is absolutely enough when its just about understanding yourself, and helping the people close to you understand you.

    One of the (many) reasons I love watching your videos is how well your echolalia matches mine tho lmao.

  3. Silverion says:

    NL might be the least autistic person ever.

  4. Silverion says:

    The reason you get sick easier when you're cold is the same reason we get a fever, other than the fact that it's a strain on your body. A lot of diseases work worse in higher temperatures, and your antibodies work better. If you get a fever it's better to ride it out than use medicine to break it unless it's very high, in my opinion. Not medical advice etc etc.

  5. Only correct answer to the best movie to die to in a plane crash would be Airplane!

  6. Ajx4 says:

    "I need to give myself a plausible excuse for not doing sometimes important, oh i couldnt do urgent thing , I was doing *less important thing that could've been done after important thing*"
    Im 21, this is me through all of school and college so far.

  7. Vani XIII says:

    I gotta let ya know what was the scariest plane experience Ive ever had NL one time I was going back to the Philippines to visit family and we had a layover in Japan and it was storming…at some point the plane shut down and we fell for a solid 6 seconds before everything cut back on and we were fine…but let me tell you…I do not care how tough you think you are falling from the sky like that will have you pee a little and your voice go up AT LEAST 2 octaves…Like im not a religious person but i prayed to God, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Ra, Vishnu…everyone I could think of to make peace at that very moment

  8. untexan says:

    If NL is looking for an adult ASD diagnosis, it takes forever because there are so few qualified diagnosticians for adults. The focus is overwhelmingly on diagnosing little kids. It's the same in the US, it doesn't have anything to do with the Canadian health care system.

  9. Deeno says:

    im taking a cross country flight to san fran today and i hate to fly, this NL banter about flying has really soothed my nerves about the whole thing.

  10. RJ Beefy says:

    Lmao that "Dear Penthouse…" reference is so old, it gets AARP mailers

  11. Merith89 says:

    If you end up going to the assessment tell them how you used to not eat rice because it too many of one thing, and soup was too wet šŸ’™
    not diagnosed, not self-diagnosed, but peer reviewed in the comment section

  12. Budd Weaver says:

    Every time NL talks about health care I realize how shit Canada's health care system is.

  13. Neurodivergents tend to herd together and ever since I discovered your videos, they're almost the only thing I watch on YouTube now

  14. Rossbrian1 says:

    Vacations are for rich people only

  15. End of the world reference!? Hellyeah

  16. Flew outta my seat flying back to USA from the Dominican Republic. Scared the hell outta me

  17. NLs take on why old people like golf is spot on, putting my phone for 4.5 hours is perfect 2-3 times a week.

  18. Jimbo slice says:

    Bro needs soft light-light bulbs. The glare.

  19. nyansugoi says:

    "I know you're not a doctor because you didn't take 14 months to answer me."


  20. We stan our (possibly) autistic king

  21. poo munstar says:

    on topic of telling game that your using the controller. GTA SA defaults the controller off. but the controller still works 99% minus the camera. so a lot of idiots download mystery key binding mods that require you to disable windows security. when all you have to do is go to setting and turn on joystick instead of keyboard and mouse. NO JOKE. several people put malware on their computer just so they can do something that the game already offered. or off topic a bunch of idiots modded super meat boy for steam to have the old sound track, that required you to purchase the online sound track and then hack the game to use it. when all you need to do is go to settings and change it back.

  22. Ben Alfveby says:

    Another upload! Can't wait to cheer for my favorite golfer, Pro Golfer.

  23. Hephaestus says:

    Can someone explain what Survivor is so I catch up with Northernlion

  24. NL got the tism for sure

  25. Jules Leo says:

    I havent watched streams or vids in a while so Im sorry if its been asked a lot, but new room?

  26. lolzforlunch says:

    I caught up with the librarian now i gotta catch up with the egg! Its like i just putted my corner 2 holes behind the tweener and sandbagged the whole run! šŸ˜©

  27. jabbawabs says:

    Good lord, that thumbnail is so cursed

  28. L says:

    a good place, brother this is the next ps plus monthly game, along side deaths door and some other ass cheeks.

    good place šŸ’€ they're the same as i found them when i was a kid on xbox, aint nothing more fun that golf irl and getting complimented on your swing.

    i suck at putting though thats for sure, im not of a math or angle dude and hills suck real bad šŸ˜­

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