I Got Custom Fit For BRAND NEW IRONS!!


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    22 Replies to “I Got Custom Fit For BRAND NEW IRONS!!”

    1. nic t says:

      Those 221 absolutely shit on the Callaway TCB

    2. So can I buy these when your Calaway set releases? Lol sorry taking that opportunity

    3. That's the best swing I've ever seen you make in thiS video. In most videos you seem flat and maybe a little cuppy at the top but right here putting a great move on it. Hope you cqnbcontinue the change

    4. Armin Fritz says:

      Watching this vid gives you some serious headache….highly annoying

    5. I truly hope that at the end of the day, Garrett and Grants relationship can be salvaged. You guys seemed like you got really close. It would be a SHAME if business gets in the way of that. I'm rooting for your friendship.

    6. fwwoggy123 says:

      Garret I want your hats give me them.

    7. The way this always works. Get popular guys with their Youtube channels in, do full club-fitting with them, let them make a video about it and they will always be nice to your brand.

    8. C35 YT says:

      7:43 wha did he sayyy

    9. I literally used that machine on the club 9 years ago

    10. GG blue omg thanks for going with it.

    11. So good having Grant with you on this.

    12. Scott Smith says:

      So what you’re saying is…you’re curios…obviously…got it.

    13. Wadlin4669 says:

      I am looking in building the same combo set. Did you have to make the 221 stronger loft to get the gap correct from 7i 221 to 6i 223 ?

    14. Bohica 5713 says:

      I love your swing you guys started my love for golf three years ago, was on trip with my dad down in Cabo playing Cabo del sol and was tired of not knowing where to stand and how to hit each club, I turned to your channel on you tube and love the content since devoted watcher for three years! Thanks watching you guys play has made me fall in love with the game! Fallowed from Idaho ever in my neck of woods come play!

    15. Devin Maier says:

      The baby blue GG stamp chef’s kiss

    16. Matt T says:

      Has to be a better way to say this @7:44

    17. SamStoltzfus says:

      "when I grip grants shaft, it's a little lower " 💀

    18. Perfekt divots on full out swings tell me that one would be prone to heel contact on slower swings, especially on half or quater swings. I would tend to have rather slightly "toey" divots on full swings. More room for different shots and sidehill lies.
      Smart move from mizuno to contract you. And good choice on your side. Your work and devotion pays off more and more. Top channel – but watch out to stay "neutral" – that has always been one of your assets.

    19. Grips. What grips did you get? Regular or plus 4?

    20. davexilly says:

      The cobra fitting that Micah and Matt had blows this out of the water, still great fun though no negativity intended.

    21. X100 120gram or 130 gram? Anyone know?

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