I made some MAJOR changes to my bag | New irons & putter

Thank you all for watching! I hope you enjoyed the video and are having a blessed day! Much Love!


45 Replies to “I made some MAJOR changes to my bag | New irons & putter”

  1. Sogonzo says:

    One day he will stop caring about distance and the game will genuinely blossom. This was just a pretend at not caring lol.

  2. The clubs goes to far. Its nice with clubs are easy to hit. But approximately 2 clubs longer then my old irons. Due to that i wemt back with my old irons a mizuno mp29 who were way shorter. But had way more control of distance. Callaway is not a bad club but the looks and feel is no where close to the mizuno

  3. Tim says:

    You better check your gap between your 5 and 6 iron now. It’s going to be rather long

  4. Dre Williams says:

    Love the content fam, shy suggestions on the para irons? Also woods and a way to get a GG putter? Looks beautiful

  5. Joe Flo says:

    Wish I had these options lol my bag looks like a great value yard sale 😂 and Red Bull SPONSOR BUBBIE GOLF!!

  6. TehBishin says:

    Noticed the Goat standing in the background OpTic Hecz, cant wait for the OpTic GoodGood collab

  7. the 64 degree is insane!

  8. Steve Pothos says:

    Bubbie… yes its fun to rip the ball, but your game is at a level where you need a players iron in the bag. You have plenty of distance and I believe you would benefit from precision. Not to mention it will help the gapping in the lower part of the bag where the scoring happens. Get with Callaway and get right. Time to use those strikes gained off the tee and start winning more of the challenges

  9. Honest_US says:

    Love seeing Hecz in the vids, need to see Scump on the course😂

  10. Greg Davis says:

    Equipment doesn't make the player but it certainly helps improve your game. Bubbie has come a long way and he just keeps getting better. Love to see it.

  11. When’s the Chicago vid dropping?

  12. Try that driver shaft bro, my club speed is up there with you, similar misses, and it was a game changer for me 👊 6.5, low spin, 70g, 3.3°

  13. Joe says:

    Bubbie……….You are getting so much better.

  14. Need to get them apex pros in the bag. Sexiest irons made by Callaway!

  15. DeeGJ says:

    Why is Hecz just randomly in the background lmao

  16. Love seeing Hecz just casually hanging out in the background. Would love to see the OpTic boys out on the course with all the GG boys

  17. Anthony Mock says:

    Hecz chilling in the background 😂😂

  18. You hit the Apex 4i better. Smaller head profile perhaps forcing you to be a bit more precise with your strike? Sounded better. Only 4 yards less. I’d be curious to know the descent angle.

  19. Zach Cates says:

    I’ve had the Callaway Apex’s in my bag for about a month and LOVE THEM!!! Keep it up Bubbie, much love brotha!

  20. Try the 2023 callaway great big bertha irons

  21. I'm interested. I've been playing max forgiveness irons for a few years now and recently I hit a buddies p790's and they felt so pure I am wondering if its time for a more player's distance iron. It's good to see you making changes as your game improves and I hope I am following the same trajectory.

  22. JRnight_ says:

    I see the man Hecz in the back ground! So sick! Keep killing it brother, you're a true inspiration!

  23. Jake says:

    You should try the apex dcb in the 4-5 iron!

  24. FScotto10 says:

    You need to get hecz on the golf course! Legend!

  25. Brice Mott says:

    Brother you have to flatten out those lie angles, it will help combat that draw bordering on a hook. No hate at all, just want to see you play best you can!

  26. Eric Menton says:


  27. Chad Cook says:

    Please bring back breaking par

  28. Confuse XBL says:

    Shoutout hecz in the back

  29. TL 19 says:

    Bubbie I could use those apex irons!

  30. Jkgjr82 says:

    They’re essentially the same clubs…the apex pro would be a better fit. The st pro are damn good too, my gamers…they are cannons too though

  31. RustyAngles says:

    I've got those. I love them. Very consistent

  32. Wes Sims says:

    Keep on rockin Bubbie we love you!

  33. Chewy V says:

    When you’re contractually obliged to promote and play Callaways latest clubs and you decide to play something else instead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Bill says:

    Idea for a tournament video—each player has to THROW their golf ball for one of their shots on each hole. The player gets to choose which shot they want to throw. Drive goes in the woods–throw the ball out. Ball is in an unplayable lie–throw it out. Tricky shot over a trap to a tight pin–throw it. Each player MUST throw one of their shots, so if it comes down to a putt, they must throw it–you cannot sink a putt before you throw some shot. Ideal tournament for a former baseball player.

  35. Matt Coffelt says:

    Good Choice! your game has improved beyond the player improvment irons!! said this in the fixing bubbie vid

  36. RawnyRon says:

    Great video Bubbie. FYI that hulk shaft is super low spinning. If you hit up on the ball (it always looks like you do) with driver you really don’t want it. It’s for people with a down attack angle on their drives.

  37. jaws says:

    Paradym’s are juiced. You don’t need them. Good move.

  38. It would be interesting to see how you would play 18 holes with a bag of straight blades. Could ask callaway if they would send you pw-4 of their MB's for a video. I think you might like them more than you think.

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