I played two of the best Scottish golf courses *Stunning Views*

In the summer time I was invited to play in the AIG Ladies’s Open Invitational at Carnoustie, two weeks earlier than the AIG Ladies’s Open was to be played there. We played with the stands all up and I filmed the apply spherical. I then travelled to Aberdeenshire and played the beautiful Cruden Bay.

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    4 Replies to “I played two of the best Scottish golf courses *Stunning Views*”

    1. Andy Clark says:

      IIona Stubley

      Your a awesome person/awesome golfer. You, love your videos, all of them. Massive thumbs up.

    2. Wils_Golf says:

      courses look amazing. ..enjoying your journey and waiting patiently for the next video lol just started back at golf last year myself after a 24 year gap thanks to covid and managed to get down from 13 to 7 last year and won a few awards on the way. such an amazing rewarding and yet frustrating sport at times so the struggles are just part of it. winter golf has been less enjoyable but I've noticed a big difference in consistency playing more than once a week so we battle through I guess. Best of luck and hopefully might have a few videos up soon myself 🤣

    3. Serco says:

      Cruden Bay is a great course…. Expensive but great.

    4. David Brady says:

      That follow through mama mia .. no holding back 👍 wee match you v lightning Mcqueen once the weather back good again 👍

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