I Played With The First Ever LEGO® Brick Putter!

This video is sponsored by the LEGO Group.

I cannot imagine it lastly occurred! A completely personalized LEGO Brick putter. I haven’t seen something like this carried out earlier than and I am so pumped it received to be me! I suppose to have the ability to mix golf with
my love of LEGO bricks is an unbelievable achievement! I am so glad I get to share this with all of you. I have been ready to do a collab with the LEGO Group ever since I was little and now to be working with them is a dream come true! Thanks LEGO Group!

An enormous shoutout to LEGO Grasp Michelle Brooks for constructing the putter! Socials:




One final thing everybody this putter isn’t on the market. Please know that this was a particular mission and
be bought.

YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMT4BrI66TFASwbmj7ouQMA
Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/blumbergfilm/?hl=en


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    20 Replies to “I Played With The First Ever LEGO® Brick Putter!”

    1. M. Jones says:

      Wasn't expecting Matt to be so hateful towards the fan who mis took him for grant 😆

    2. Adam Donovan says:

      Great video Matt! Loving the challenge of the LEGO putter.

    3. chile 47 says:

      There is no you hit it 400 buddy. And then 340 right after. How do you lose 60 yards with the similar hit lol. You good good guys are funny 😂

    4. M W says:

      KRAGLE it and put it in your bag

    5. badbilly429 says:

      That was funny, hey are you Grant ? Matt – is Grant 5 foot 4 ? Question Matt can you even go to a golf course and play anywhere anymore and not get recognized ?

    6. Krstn1102 says:

      the ego on this man child is something else. used to think Matt was underrated until he just threw a tantrum like a 5yr old while playing with his Legos all because a kid mistook him for Grant.

      worse still, to go on about "did grant get 2 holes in one", well no Matt, Grant didn't but he'll still beat you up and down any course even if you get another 2 holes in one because he's just a better golfer than you.

      instead of acting out, try learning some humility because it seems as Good Good grows you do not. unsubscribed.

    7. Have you noticed more airplanes flying by while your golfing lately? Get the Ap% "Flightaware" on one of your phones and find out the ICAO code {usually a 4 letter code all caps} of the closet airport and it will show their call sign number of the when click on it in the RADAR screen. Then you can call the tower of the closest airport and let the tower manager know about them loitering above you!

    8. Love these sorts of challenges. So cool to partner with lego. Keep at it!

    9. Gray Fearnow says:

      GOD BLESS!!! 🙏❤️

    10. Daniel Manby says:

      The course I work at in Ohio has 2 par 3s on the front 9 and 2 on the back 9…always enjoy watching and learning keep up the great work matt

    11. Hits it far, aced a par 4, is loud and proud, hockey putt, sounds like Happy Gilmore. Now find your Shooter McGavin. Awesome round Matt!!

    12. You should've done Lego putter with regular golf ball.

    13. Errata24 says:

      You get a new camera matt??

    14. Chris L W says:

      Hey Matt, when are we going to see your golf movie/short? I'm not talking about a documentary. I'm talking about non-fiction, a script and story, with yourself and other actors and extras- involving golf in the main storyline/sub plot. That would be awesome entertainment

    15. MrB says:

      I do love the putter, seems strangely strong though – is it glued?

    16. Anthony A says:

      Screw what reddit says, you've been playing some great golf lately.

    17. Anthony A says:

      Hey man, the link for the Building Belles in the description is broken. Just an FYI

    18. Kun Kodiik says:

      Now do it with a Lego driver

    19. Corey says:

      I honestly think Matt, Garrett, and Grant anchor the Good Good brand, love those three. I think Grant and Matt should start a series where they try to Monday qualify for pro events!

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