I SPENT $100 AT THE MASTERS – And you'll be AMAZED how far that gets you! #TheMasters2019

BOOK YOUR PLACE AT THE 2020 MASTERS HERE: https://www.yourgolftravel.com/us-masters

I TOOK MY DAD TO THE MASTERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBnX947Wc0k&t=

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Everyone knows The Masters concessions are mega cheap and that EVERY Masters Patron HAS to stop in The Masters Shop on their way out of the course.

But how far does $100 go at Augusta National??

For US Masters holidays, US Masters tickets and US Masters hospitality packages, YourGolfTravel.com offers a variety of options to ensure that your Masters experience is unforgettable.

Your Golf Travel offers a host of exclusive Masters experiences to five of our handpicked locations, all within 1 hour 45 minutes of Augusta National Golf Club. Within each of these locations we are proud to offer 20 bespoke experiences which are perfect to ensure your trip to The Masters is as fantastic as it could be.

As a Your Golf Travel Masters Patron, you have access to exclusive hospitality facilities just a short walk from the main entrance to the course, as well as tickets, accommodation, rounds of golf at local courses and access to ambassadors including Paul McGinley and Nick Dougherty who will be making appearances at the YGT Masters Party.


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    21 Replies to “I SPENT $100 AT THE MASTERS – And you'll be AMAZED how far that gets you! #TheMasters2019”

    1. Andy Martin says:

      So we have a group of us looking to celebrate a milestone birthday in 2021… were put off by stories of Sat/Sun tickets and had sort of agreed to do a practice day before traveling to Sawgrass for a few days of playing and then watch the final round from there before flying back. Is it possible to do return flights from the UK, accommodation for 4-6 guys, attend a practice day, a few playing rounds within 50 miles and then a Sat or Sunday at the Masters for around £4k each?!
      This is the current deal we are looking at:
      Masters practice round on the Tuesday. Drive down to TPC sawgrass Wednesday (4 hr drive ) play golf thurs – Sunday morning and watch masters on tv in afternoon. Fly home. £4K all in

    2. Ralph M says:

      HEEEEELP!! How can I get tickets for the Masters 2020???? It seems you have to be willing to give away a kidney for tickets. Whats the catch?

    3. Colby says:

      I’ve worked at the National for about 7 years. You won’t believe how much money the golf shop racks in during tournament week. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

    4. D says:

      The masters are notorious for never changing their prices for things inside the gates but to get a ticket to get inside is literally thousands to tens of thousands. So congrats

    5. How much for ticket to masters cost?

    6. Chris L says:

      I was seriously considering a trip to watch the the Masters next year but now that I know they don't offer a Reuben sandwich at the concession stand I'm not going to bother.


    7. Joe Perez says:

      $850 per person??? Now I don't feel too bad at just reaching $500. 😵

    8. Caden Massey says:

      Oml I was going to go the Masters but I wasn’t able to because of family reasons. 😤 But those ball markers were sooooo cooool I really loved that grape one oml it was so cool

    9. Alan says:

      Nice hair bun

    10. No Georgia peach ice cream sandwich? Are you human????

    11. Mrs.chandler says:

      Dude quit editing golf shots. You are photoshippig shit.

    12. Lucas Barker says:

      too bad I'll probably never get to watch tiger at Agusta but God would it have been nice this year. hopefully I'll have enough money and be old enough to go at least once

    13. Logan Golf says:

      Okay I went in 2018 (won tickets thru the masters lottery, Friday tickets and practice rounds) I went to the clubhouse/ gift shop and spent 600$ i got 2 shirts, 2 jackets(water proof green) 3 hats, a back pack, lanyard, 2 seats and a long sleeve… pretty reasonable prices… now for beer/ food I spent 40, for the day and I got wasted… everyone should put there names in for the raffle it’s unreal

    14. g1598 says:

      Budget of $100, makes a video about it and earns thousands

    15. John Clark says:

      Think it was Lee Trevino who called it " a springtime garden party for invitees" spot on I reckon… pretty enough if a Tad false… & certainly not a true MAJOR…. I Think Larry Mize still gets a spot… Nah not for me see you at PORTHRUSH.⛳⛳⛳💉

    16. John Miller says:

      Hi Rory, how come u still kick about with that donkey penis Crossfield?

    17. Mango Man says:

      Moon Pie… What a time to be alive!

    18. Siege_Plat says:

      That bag he dumped everything out of was 65$

    19. Your having a laugh.Good value ?.A fridge magnet from china for $8 .etc etc etc.Its idiots like you that allows people to be ripped of.Theres over 95% profit on all them items.

    20. Unbelievable when you consider attending the British open… You need to remortgage your house to get anything decent… Legalised robbery at the till…

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