I was WRONG about these TAYLORMADE STEALTH golf clubs

I was WRONG about these TAYLORMADE STEALTH golf clubs


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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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    42 Replies to “I was WRONG about these TAYLORMADE STEALTH golf clubs”

    1. John McElroy says:

      I don't care about a name, performance is the only thing that matters.

    2. I would have liked to know ur yardages in to the green with each club. And then knowing what ur avg driver clubhead speed would've been really helpful.

    3. BenzingEj says:

      These clubs suit your game Rick

    4. Chef Carter says:

      I’ll be picking these up sir. Thank you! 😊

    5. BD Gannon says:

      I am 68 and about to purchase a set of these irons with graphite shafts.
      Thinking I may be looking for a loft wedge soon. Thoughts ?

    6. error129 says:

      Shouldn't it be 5 + GW if the set was designed with a consistent loft progression?

    7. Lbhunter63 says:

      As a certified club fitter, I'll not recommend the Stealth driver…the "most returned" driver at the shop…the face seemingly just "pops off" with higher swing speeds…needs serious attention…

    8. churnsides4 says:

      Tried these against the Wilson D9 as I wanted game improvement irons. They were good, but I found the D9 as good. Plus, the D9 were £400 and the Stealth were £850. So went for the D9's and very happy

    9. John Spring says:

      They are a bit bulky

    10. I bought these.i am a very average golfer and love them.hitting irons very well.hope it keeps up

    11. Daniel Kamui says:

      The carbon sticker on club head look cheesy …. M6 irons looks way much better .

    12. Jim Epperson says:

      Thank you for this video, I am 77 and an 11 handicap from 6,000 yards and a long time TM customer. I bought the original SIM irons when they first came out and played them for a year. Didn't like the feel and a friend suggested I try PXG 0311 P irons with a graphite shaft. After a year with them a fitter at Club Champion said a graphite shaft was too light and affecting my length. Back to TM, I read everything I could about the Stealth irons and am about to buy a set directly from TM, but not sure if I can get fitted somewhere and then order them online. Like someone else, I think it would be helpful to test these clubs with both you and a moderate handicap golfer to let us see how someone not as good as you are hits the clubs you are testing.

    13. I just tested them out and I really like them so as a 12 year old I’m thinking t300 or the steaths irons loved them both

    14. when testing game improvement irons, please hit about 80 mph ish, not 95 mph. That is what the Game Improvement irons mainly aim for.

    15. after watching this video I went down to the pro shop OMG at 67 years of age and an 18 handicapper I was hitting the 7 iron 160 with an height go 100 feet I was so impressed

    16. Al Geraghty says:

      Rick this review is aging well. I bought the stealth irons and clubs hitting very well but the pitching wedge to sand wedge is an issue in from 50 to 100 yards. Need an approach wedge that helps with the short game. Appreciate the review

    17. Seán Doolan says:

      Is it possible to order these irons from Taylormade and have the bottom groove the same colour as the other grooves instead of the bottom groove being white?

    18. I was really interested in these irons at first, but I was also interested in how I'd hit them compared to blades and clubs with traditional lofts. Did GC Quad testing on 7 irons from the Stealth, some Callaway game improvement irons, P790s, and some Cobra King blades. The interesting part to me was that even with 5 or 6 degrees stronger loft sometimes, I wasn't actually longer with the Stealth clubs than the P790s. My longest clubs were the Cobra King blades and only by about 7 yards, meanwhile everything else I tested had the same distance as my 7 iron from 1994.

    19. Jon Conde says:

      You’d have to do a larger sample size to see if 18 yards is actually too short or within the confidence interval for your shot. Too many variables. With only one shot, you’re looking at expecting anywhere between about 17 to 30 as good for that 24 yard theory.

    20. Hussain says:

      Love watching Ricky’s previews, very helpful and honest.. rick I’m really confused as to which set of irons to purchase, I’m moving on from my beginner Callaway x series, my handicap is mid to high and my budget is between 600-700 torn between cobra ltdx/ ping g425/ or shall I stick to Callaway? The more I look the more confused I’m becoming! A little advice would be much appreciated!

    21. Sharky gang says:

      Just had my fitting today on these. Very nice clubs. Loads more distance to my game now.

    22. Elliot Rigby says:

      I paid £800 for a custom fitted set of sim2 max os last June but didn’t receive them till October due to covid, wasn’t to impressed with the price but they are a fantastic set of clubs, should be around the £500 mark though,especially since the matching drivers are £450 plus

    23. All taylor made clubs should be half price since they are obsolete in less than a year. Ever since the rbz, racing stripes and SLDR performance i will never purchase another taylor made club, no matter how well reviewed.

    24. Jake Andry says:

      Just got fitted into a stealth iron. Was averaging around 180 with a 7 iron

    25. Acid Wizard says:

      I just got a set of these last week. I'm only in my second season of golfing so I'm no expert on what is or isn't a quality club. My previous set were Taylormade Burners that I traded a case of beer to acquire. For a $20 set of irons they were reliable, however I have nothing to base that against. The Stealth irons feel heavier and when I strike the ball properly (which is only about 1/2 the time) it explodes off the club face much more vigorously than my old set. I'd say I'm getting on average 10 yards more per club than the Burners. I hit a lot of thin shots as a relative rookie and these are very forgiving, often sending those lower and faster, but straight as well. Overall I like them, but these are only the second set of irons I've used so I'm not the best judge for this.

    26. the price is shit !! There trying to keep golf a rich person sport ! Say im wrong ?

    27. john tapper says:

      stealth irons are crap had 4 months 4 heads have come off ag will not give a refund

    28. Keith H. says:

      I just bought a set of the irons….freaking awesome. Big game improvement for me, at least.

    29. Hey guys, i am a beginner to intermediate player interested in these clubs, went to do a golf fitting where they were the best by far, and looked at the price then walked away

    30. George Young says:

      Just tested at GolfTec today and I had Mizuno on the mind until I tried these and BOOM, I am going with the Stealth! Thanks for the great review

    31. MySpankster says:

      GOT MY STEALTHS TODAY ordered them custom made 6 days ago and they arrived at my door today….so of coarse i had to go do a round of golf…OH MY I LOVE THEM straight and a club to a club and a half further than my PXG Gen 2 SGI irons…and nice soft feel….love love love them….cheers from Canada

    32. I don't think the price is that bad considering how weol they have done with the driver. btw love the video rick!!!

    33. £850 is an awful lot. Especially for a high handicap golfer who may be interested in these. I mean my entire set cost me £70 second hand including bag and balls and was like new. 😂 But I have considered upgrading my irons to help with my game but I don't understand why anyone would walk past the Wilson Launch Pads and pick these up at twice the price if their purpose is forgiveness for high handicap golfers.

      Maybe I'm missing something as someone who is probably lead by his budget more than the average golfer but I can't see where these for onto the market except maybe with someone who wants that forgiveness and is more worried about the look and brand and has more money than sense.

    34. Jr Leon says:

      You have any clubs for sale? Everything is so expensive for me at the moment, I haven’t played golf for a couple years due to broken ankle and arm but I’m slowly getting back into it. Using my dads king cobra oversized irons from the early 1900s 😂😂😂😂

    35. Bob J says:

      Wow, so glad I watched this and gave these clubs a chance. I was tempted to go with P790s, but just didn't feel my game was quite there yet and felt that I can still benefit from the forgiveness and distance of game improvement irons. I'm not yet at the point of trying to shape my irons, I just want straight, consistent flights. Just got my new Stealths (already had the Driver, added the 3W 3DHY 4-5h and 6i-P) and took them for a long range session. Huge improvement in distance and accuracy. Yes, they are strong lofted, but the launch and trajectory for me are very much in line with the flight and height I'd expect for the given club. I actually hit 2 pins at the range today, sounded like I rang a bell. I've never done that at the range this year in many sessions with my previous clubs (RBZ full set).

      Your videos have helped me so much this year. Started out looking to break 100 after not playing for 5 years and now I'm already breaking 90 a couple of months later. I do believe these clubs are going to help me to pretty quickly break 85, since I've finally solved a huge gapping issue I had at the upper end of my bag. Can't wait to see what I can do in the next few years with this set. (Also combined with MG3 wedges and Odyssey 2ball ten triple track putter).

      Highly recommend you check out and review the new Stealth UDI and DHY driving irons/hybrids. The DHY is a very forgiving rocket for me. Just short of my 3W distance but deadly straight and accurate with a low stinger ball flight.

      Thanks Rick for all your help!

    36. Chris G says:

      I got an old set of Taylormade with the bubble shafts.

    37. I'd love to try these irons. Especially the driver. But, I don't have 600 laying around for the driver. And 1200 for the irons.

    38. wareidav says:

      I`m late to this but… Lower handicap player usually haven`t been playing that long or they are happy spraying balls left and right, however they… I… think that spending £850 to maybe better my game is far too strong.. Should be £450 to £500 leaving some money for the lessons you should really invest in ???

    39. Ian Godsell says:

      These Stealth irons look very much like the Rocketbladez of 2013, except of course for a little bit of technology and the lofts which are now stronger e.g. 7 iron now 28 deg compared to 2013's 30.5 and so on throughout the set. Of course I am going to hit the new ones further. I am now hitting effectively a 6 1/2 iron not a 7 iron of 2013. Rick, how about putting these two sets to a comparison test: 2022 v 2013? It would be very interesting and I would love to see the results and your thoughts.

    40. MySpankster says:

      your thoughts on the comparison of STEALTH vs MIZUNO JPX 921 HOTMETAL….thx for a great review cheers from Canada

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