Ian & Matt's Drills and Practice Routine // The Swing Journey

After two weeks of practicing since our lessons with Scott Cowx, we review our new drills and practice routine as we try to ingrain the new swing changes.

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    20 Replies to “Ian & Matt's Drills and Practice Routine // The Swing Journey”

    1. James Lennon says:

      no idea how you think about all that and play half decent golf

    2. EH says:

      Ian, if you watch your swings at 4:53 and 8:53 (at 0.25X), your shaft gets a hair steep in transition. The one you blocked at 7:55 looked better, right on plane.

    3. Generally, I'm steeper the more bent my trail arm is. I prefer a straighter trail arm feel while turning into the lead shoulder. Still in to out just less steep

    4. Damien Myers says:

      Scott cowx needs to get some sleep 😂 half the time he is speaking in tongue’s

    5. Watching Ian's swings at minutes 8 to 9, it does not seem to me that he is looping the lead arm and shaft as far behind him and as far down as he was demonstrating during his warmup. The nice shot at minute 9 seems to be the result of a fairly straight back and down, not a distinct looping motion behind him and dropping the club down low and shallow.

    6. Based on Cowx's own instructions as found in his 4 lesson series given at Smash Factory Golf 8 months ago, the downswing Ian is working on requires him to make a very strong, fast pivot in order to get the ball to travel straight or slightly to the right. Otherwise he will still hook. Cowx himself says this much pivot is beyond the physical capability of most average recreational golfers and especially seniors like me.

    7. Are you by any chance using the Hackmotion wrist sensor that Cowx has used a lot? Not perhaps so much to change things, but to know precisely where your wrists are and what they are doing on good shots and bad ones.

    8. Chad James says:

      Would you use the training aid pre round as well to prime the movement or is the ball and weighted club something for range sessions only?

    9. Great series!!! I’m going to really enjoy watching your practice routines during this off season up here in the grey white north. Looking forward to applying this to my own practice this winter

    10. DecDoesGolf says:

      Ian, correct me if I'm wrong, but in the past you've talked about preferring your clubs bent flat to protect against the left miss – is that still the case with your current set, and if so, do you risk 'overdoing' this swing change by trying to achieve a dynamic toe-up?

    11. Norm Lang says:

      How tall are you guys?
      What are your iron specs, club-wise (e.g. length, lie & shaft flex)?
      Grip size? Wraps?

    12. Brad O says:

      Loving Matt’s Duval/Sorenstam head movement 👌

    13. Austin Lauer says:

      Loving the swing changes guys! Ian's is something I'm trying to mimic in my own. Good on both of you for putting in serious work 💪

    14. David W says:

      Great video gents. I am going through the exact same process with my coach. Much the same as what Ian is working on. Slowly coming along with a bit more consistency now. Scores are now within 4 or 5 shots of each round. This is the most pleasing thing. Been working on alignment more this last week and realised I have been setting up left of target. Starting to feel very happy with my progress.

    15. TG says:

      Love this series! Looking forward to following song as I go through a swing overhaul myself. It’s a good reminder to stay patient with the changes.

    16. golfista37 says:

      No more larry cheung?

    17. seizethecarp says:

      This is prime content guys. Keep 'em coming!

    18. Wes Burton says:

      Im going through some major swing changes this winter myself and it's really good to hear two really good players struggling to shed old patterns and adopt new ones.

    19. Excellent update. Can`t wait to hear of playing results next season.

    20. bob taylor says:

      My makeup is dead on Ian’s. Better visual of dropping the arm rather than club. This is helping for me. Looking forward to upcoming videos.

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