If you do THIS before your round of GOLF, you wil lower your score! The Pre-Round Routine

If you want to lower your score in golf, you should do the exercises shown in this video. Subconscious brain and performance coach joins We Play Golf again to show you a great pre-round routine that everyone should do 10 minutes before every round of golf. There is a great breathing exercise for golf for a better state of mind. An exercise to get rid of any tension and a visualisation exercise.

Join Chris Henry on numeral seminars across Europe, for more information check: https://chrishenry.be/

We would like to thank The San Roque Club near Sotogrande in de south of Spain for iniviting us to their wonderfull golf course and facilities. For more information check: https://sanroqueclub.com/


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► Filmed on location at The San Roque Club near Sotogrande

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0:00 introduction
0:30 explanation optimum state
0:53 First routine: Breathing
1:51 Second routine: Muscle tension
2:47 Third routine: Butterflies
3:33 Fourth routine: Visualize
4:35 Results
5:04 Finale

We Play Golf are:
– Tom Blanckaert (PGA Professional)
– Chris Henry (Subconscious Brain and Performance Coach)
– Quentin van Soldt (Producer)



2 Replies to “If you do THIS before your round of GOLF, you wil lower your score! The Pre-Round Routine”

  1. We play golf says:

    What is your current handicap, and where do you want it to be at the end of the season?

  2. maverick6899 says:

    8.4 right now. Sub 5 is the dream

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