Illegal Curve Hockey Show — July 29, 2023

Saturday’s IC Hockey Show (9:00am CT) is both the season-finale and the annual AMA show where you, the audience, get to Ask Minuk/Mindell Anything!

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Thank you to our sponsors: Rumors Restaurant & Comedy Club, Betway, Dr. Les Rykiss and the team at Linden Market Dental Centre, GRYDPark, Tough Duck, Boston Pizza, Rolly’s Transfer, Zappia Group Realty and Seagram’s!


4 Replies to “Illegal Curve Hockey Show — July 29, 2023”

  1. Ezzy and Dave are the best

  2. LOOOOOOOLLLL people would rather have no team

  3. Shaun Hulme says:

    Ezzy is awesome ..nice he's on the show.

  4. Shaun Hulme says:

    I think you guys need some help..talking about the stupid barbie movie..c'mon about hockey topics ??

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