Investigating the GARGANTUAN Physiques of Modern Strongman

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0:00 Behold, the Physique!
0:54 The Prototypical Strongman… Tall
2:22 Harmful Stereotypes
5:22 Diet, Girth, Body fat
8:08 PEDs
11:13 The Bloat
11:51 But What About Me?
12:45 1 Exercises
15:35 2 Density
16:34 3 Variety
18:26 4 Recovery
20:30 Takeaways


20 Replies to “Investigating the GARGANTUAN Physiques of Modern Strongman”

  1. Tren hard, eat Clen, Anavar give up 😂

  2. Sujin Kim says:

    Without roads, they can't maintain that kind of body fat. Strong man or not, regardless how much, how hard they train, with amount they eat, they only get super overweight fat man. No one can maintain that kind of body fat without drug. Eating 10k plus a day and still relatively low in body fat is work of the drug.

  3. Dirk Diggler says:

    I’m 6’5 and train hard for years.. and I cannot for the love of get past 270 lbs.. I know I could get absolutely massive if I would eat more but my body littlerally tells me to stop the fuck eating and I guess it’s healthier for the long run.. altough I always wondered how beefy and strong I could get. Then I see guys like Brian shaw and Thor and I know no matter what I’ll always look like a midget besides those 0,00000000000000001% of mutants out there

  4. Duke Nukem says:

    As Arnold says these guys shouldn't get the notoriety due to the fact the ultra strong men look like shit. Now he was talking about body building, but even there the competitors look like fat shit compared to rock chisled by the gods like they used to be.

  5. Uhhhh!?… Steroids. Yep, that's the answer. Roids.

  6. Willow Rose says:

    You should strongwomen too

  7. Ben Haney says:

    Regarding recovery… Is there ever any reason to not do cardio? Like even light cardio? Like on a recovery (from lifting) day is there any reason not to jog a mile or two or ride a stationary bike for a half hour? How about cardio that works your arms like rowing. Should you stay away from that on a recovery day? Sometimes 20 minutes of that feels like you’ve been lifting…

  8. I love these corn-fed men

  9. Ben Haney says:

    Atlas stones look like a bitch…

  10. Ben Haney says:

    Yeah probably the case. Some people would just rather eat whatever they want and try to make it all up in the gym. You see it a lot. Especially among younger men. Which makes sense because such an approach works a lot better when you’re young. When you reach a certain age a six pack and Taco Bell are no longer compatible no matter how much you work out…
    Speaking of which anyone ever watch ErikElectric. He does crazy food challenges. Like 50,000 calories in a day and shit. I’ve seen him gain over 20 pounds in a day. It’s crazy. Like 165 to 185 in 12 hours. But he also runs like 5-10 miles a day. Bikes 25+ and lifts and the gym regularly. He’s in good shape…

  11. Ben Haney says:

    Yup. Avoiding that plateau is huge. Hell even in cardio. If it’s becoming easy for you its probably no longer that effective. When your 10,000th workout feels like your 1st…
    Of course its a bitch. It’s not surprising your clients avoid certain exercises…

  12. 😊 I'm 2 minutes in I can tell the guy making this video is short and got some resentment and bitterness lol

  13. grchapman says:

    The jacked giraffe had me rolling 😂

  14. Your mixing of the sound between you and the clipd of people talking was a little off, theyre way quieter. Other than that, great video

  15. What an awesome video. Really informative.

  16. Terry Woods says:

    I don't "train" nearly as often as I used to or probably should. This is because I do a lot if the lifting and carrying exercises daily at work. I'm not as strong or fit as I was when I was younger but at 41 I still out do most people on my jobsite.

  17. Zomby says:

    2:20 who drew that and why?

  18. I knew a man called Fat Jack. He died from a surfeit of fatness

  19. PoliteAF says:

    I have a serious question, i'm 151kg/332lbs (fat), i was about 440lbs at the start of the year so i'm at a calory deficit every day at about 2000 kcal, i've been going to the gym for about 3 months now and i see progress in the weight i can move but obviously i'm still way too fat to see muscle mass atm.
    The quesiton is, even tho i'm at a heavy caloric deficit is the fat in my body allowing me to have the best muscle grouth conditions? just from a food stand point.

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