Is 10th Edition looking MORE or LESS Narrative?! – The Sunday Show

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26 Replies to “Is 10th Edition looking MORE or LESS Narrative?! – The Sunday Show”

  1. Garsty 0014 says:

    If armies have more reason to use more units from there army then it can be more narrative…players make it un-narrative 🤷‍♂️

  2. Heresy Club says:

    I would tune in for 30k games…..but its kinda in my name.

  3. Dunkelzahn says:

    With 1 detatchment at launch and over half the codexes over a year out from release to get more I think it's going to be a lot less narrative.

    I think a lot of people are going to run hard into the wall on 10th very fast when they realise their armies plays like generic [Faction].

    Unit's are gonna feel good or bad based on that core detachment rule and there's nothing you can go to change that till your dex drops. Ulthwe will feel exactly the same as Biel-Tan, Goffs identical to Bad Moons, Emperor's Children identical to Iron Warriors.

    There will be no more choosing a faction trait that leans into the way your chapter/craftworld/legion/klan plays. They are just another generic member of their faction in terms of rules.

    Now, I can see why they are doing it, simplification, mass appeal but at the loss of that narrative flavour that changes that bunch of plastic toys into *your army*.

  4. 10th feels like it will be the narrative edition – fully on the hype train

  5. Esk-hap-hey says:

    Easy, 40k is getting more narrative since units and army rules are more tailored to actually playing that army how they should be played

  6. Even you Liam? 😩 I'm absolutely amazed at how many ppl think that this Reanimation is any good. Your chances of getting s multi wound model back is just as shit as it is now. Even more so cause your opponent doesn't have to worry about killing the unit in one go. Just in one turn.

    I'm going to laugh myself silly once we actually get the full indexes and all the ppl that are saying it's a amazing rule hit the wall once they realize it ends up doing fuck all.

    Other then that and the strange choice in Ld I like it tho

  7. Just Kenneth says:

    love these show s thanks you should do audio books.

  8. Kidzin says:

    Hordes of Warriors, Immortals and Praetorians led by Lords and Overlord is so thematic. Hope they will price Necron HQs aggressively with strong statlines, 9th has been underwhelming for them I feel.

  9. I am in favor of Tuesday games

  10. I agree with ColeNOXyd2nd when he give the space marines a 2/5 for flavor. The only difference in the chapters is if you are playing Dark Angles, Blood Angles, or Space Wolves otherwise everyone else is playing Ultramarines. There goes any flavor for other chapters like Salamanders, Black Templars, and White Scars etc.

  11. Oh no, they made Necrons even more like Tomb Kings… 🙁

  12. Only £30 for Great Hall Gathering!! It's very kind of you Liam for keeping it so cheap for people but for lunch/dinner as well it probably needs to be a bit more expensive in order for you to at least break even 🙏.

  13. In my opinion, reanimation has gone too far back towards 8th edition ha I g it at the start of the command phase. It means everything has to weather a full turn of shooting and potentially have several units wiped before even having a chance to reanimate. If they kept it after enemy units had finished attacking but the d3 wounds returning like the new 10th edition rule it would be more narrative and the necrons would have that endless legion feel without being too ridiculous to remove them.

  14. David says:

    the faction and detachment rules for the necrons killed most excitement i had. Even if the codex has detachments that dont rely on characters they will still have the reanimation boat anchor non rule. At least with a 5+ feel no pain the argument would be 'is it narrative' and not 'is this a waste of ink to print'…

    Worst part is the codex is probably already printed so they can't even change it if it does indeed turn out to be all the worst parts of the 8th ed version

  15. Pete C says:

    The move to having living metal and reanimation in the same trait is good, but there is no getting around the fact that in 8th edition Necrons had a rule that allowed them to reanimate at the beginning of the player turn and it simply didn't come into play as any player with any modicum of skill focuses fired a unit at a time down. the player base largely abandoned using warriors at all. 8th was less deadly than 9th, other than a reduction in AP 10th doesn't look that much less deadly than 9th. It comes down to points if warriors still sit on equivalent points cost to what they currently do then they have a problem, if they have to have a character in every squad to act and those characters are still pointed like they are now they have a problem. If the army's special rules are based around boosting reanimation which based on previous experience won't come into play for 1W warriors they have a problem. Narrative wise you end up with a situation where no Necron army fields its basic troops because they are a waste of time and are paying a points tax for an ability that won't come into play.

  16. Wee Man says:

    Do a hobbie stream where you get off your arse and paint more models instead of abusing joe all the time!
    When you do get the space we need a 40k d&d game you would grow that very very fast.

  17. Mr Amp'd says:

    I'm keen for changing tuesdays to talking heads content til 10th

  18. My only concern with 10th is it could easily turn into a game of which army has the best vehicle models, I hope it doesn't end up like that and armies are alittle more balanced

  19. morridyn says:

    7 is the average roll on 2d6, but it is the most common roll as well. The odds of rolling 7 or higher is just under 60%.

  20. ashm says:

    We'll have to see how the rules pan out as a whole, but I don't think the early signs are looking good for necrons being a fun and narratively engaging army to field in 10th.

    I personally don't like what they've done to necron warriors, between the RP and datasheet nerfs being significantly worse than we've seen with other factions. Most existing infantry datasheets just lost a pip of AP, whereas warriors will have to take a character tax to stay even with that, and they'll still be far easier to kill as the new RP doesn't make them any tougher when taking damage like the 9th version did. The new rules look good for vehicle spam, but I love my warriors and they've taken an absolute thrashing here. Narratively I loved the "silver tide" of warriors just refusing to die, that was the core of necrons for me but that's definitely gone with the new RP.

    But my biggest concern is that of all the previews so far, we're the only one whose faction ability has no player interaction. The SM, Nid and CSM abilities give the player interesting choices to make at the table, whilst the necron one gives me literally nothing to do and no decisions to make – I can't interact with it or direct it in any way.
    If anything, it's really an ability for my opponent. They get to control whether RP does anything and what units it affects, by deciding which of my units to target and how to focus them down. So for me it's a really feel-bad rule because it gives my opponent more control and engagement with how the game plays out, whilst making me more of a passenger. That's not a good sign for narrative play.

  21. Tim Banks says:

    They do seem more narestively thought out, the core game does sound simplified, every unit having its own ability will create plenty of diversity to begin… but it comes down to how well all these abilities are written!

  22. MordyHammer says:

    fucking English

  23. Come on Liam. We know you already have the 10th Ed box!

  24. obsidi2 says:

    I wish having a leader in the squad of necrons made the BS to be 3+ rather than being +1 to hit (assuming they keep the max +1/-1) as that means no additional hit bonuses are effective.

  25. Fateweaver says:

    So far it seems like the rules are more thematic to each faction.

    I can't wait to see Sisters and Daemons

  26. With a 7" move and 160mm base a Monolith will need to advance to fly over an objective marker!

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