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Wayne Greenshields, a man from Adelaide, shed a remarkable 105kg on a recent reality TV transformation program. After eight people had to lift him onto a hospital bed, Greenshields recognized the need to turn his life around before it was too late.

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From: Obese Australia | S1 E2

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11 Replies to “Is It Achievable To Lose 105KG In ONE YEAR? | Absolute Documentaries”

  1. Wayne your awesome. ❤❤

  2. Pogle Wood says:

    It's lose, bloody lose, not loose.

  3. TOM C. says:

    Haven't even watched it yet, and I can tell you, when I eat 1200-1500 calories a day, I lose 1 pound a day so losing 231 Lbs in a year isn't unreasonable. The trick for me was to eat light 5-6 days a week, and cheat 1 or 2 days a week. Everyday find a treat you can live with to satisfy the sweet tooth. For me it was a chocolate snack pack, and canned whipped cream I'd have at the end of the day. Eat lots of veggie omelettes made with egg beaters, and vegies. Dip your plain, cooked veggies in butter, don't soak them in the butter. You just need a little to give you the flavor. Same with ranch, or any salad dressing, put the desired amount of dressing based on the calorie's into a cup, and dip your veggies, do not douse them. I also like Oscar Myers light hot dogs & buns which are now difficult to locate, but they are 90 calories each so 180 calories for each hot dog doused in relish, ketchup, mustard, and whatever your prefer to make it a meal. I'd have two, and that was enough to fill me up enough. What gave me the stamina to keep the diet up was looking at a digital scale every morning, and seeing the weight drop off at one pound a day. Buy yourself a digital scale so you can accurately see that your suffering is paying off. You can look forward to fri, sat, or whatever day works for you when you can eat a nice steak dinner, and desert. Don't deprive yourself is key as staying on a diet 24/7 for weeks, or months on end is impossible for most of us. Just count your calories, find foods you can live with that are low in calories, and don't deprive yourself. Even if you lose a pound a week, that's 52 pounds in one year which is a lot. Lose it slow by cheating a lot, or lose it quick by cheating just one, or two days a week. Happy weight loss, Oh, and forget the diet books, they're a waste of money unless you have found one that really works for you, but learning to count calories is your best option, and leaves your menu up to you! 👍😎✌🗽

    P.S. I ate a lot of those light hotdogs, and veggies so there was no problem getting a balanced diet, especially since I was also cheating once or twice a week! The caloric intake of my diet was based on a woman at 1200 to 1500 calories a day, but as a man, I should have been eating 1500-1800 calories which is likely why I lost weight at the rate of a pound a day. 😁✌🗽This diet works, and I wish you all the best!

    P.P.S. I was always in decent shape, not great, and was at my height, just 70 pounds overweight, and I lost it using the above method with no exercise. Once I lost the weight, I did get into long distance bike riding to the beach, and back, about 60 miles at a heavy clip once I built up my stamina. Losing the weight first will encourage exercise after you have succeeded with your diet. If you can add exercise to your diet, all the better, and the weight will come off that much quicker. For me, concentrating on the diet was first, and foremost so I didn't exercise while dieting. Dieting isn't rocket science as some books make it seem. I can tell you, just count the calories keeping in mind you do need protein, beans, or meat, or in my case, those Oser Myer light weiners which have about 5-6 gr of protein each. On this diet, assuming you eat lots of protein on your cheat days, there should be no problem. Also, many vegetables contain protein, but protein is inherently caloric dense, has a lot of calories. As with any diet, see a physician if you're getting dizzy, or just don't feel right. My neighbor went on some crazy diet, and it damn near killed her, literally. There is no magic pill, and dieting requires eating real food, not the garbage canned powder my neighbor lived on for several weeks until her hospitalization! Please, before you start any diet, buy a digital scale so you can see the progress everyday, it's really what kept me sticking to my diet as I could see the loss every day, even if it was a 1/4 pound, or a 1/2 a pound, but for me it was usually a pound a day! Again, I wish you the best! 👍✌

  4. Dayle Baynes says:

    I watch these to feel better about myself 😂

  5. Down voted because someone never learned how to spell.


  7. Miss Ma’am says:

    Hello… is LOSE not LOOSE.

  8. JeauxBleaux says:

    A great resart for fatties!

  9. JeauxBleaux says:

    Why do you and fatties go at that point go on?

  10. JeauxBleaux says:

    Why do you bleep fatties and women? They're the same at that point!

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