You requested, so I’ve delivered; watch as I check my SRIXON ZX5 driver in opposition to the TSR2 from TITLEIST GOLF. ZX5 or TSR2, which driver will come out on prime and which golf membership may fit your golf recreation the perfect.

Mark Crossfield golf skilled has been testing golf tools for years to convey you the perfect, most skilled tools exams in golf.

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    46 Replies to “IS MY DRIVER REALLY ANY GOOD”

    1. Russ Ingha says:

      I play with srixon irons , never really got into the looks of the driver though. Having said that if I were to choose one from the two you were testing I'd probably go for the srixon as no doubt it would be cheaper and you'd get similar outcome to the tsr driver.

    2. Mike Barnard says:

      Titleist drivers always look as tho the alignment aid is way nearer the heel at address and loads of bulge and roll . Just doesn’t do it for me in the looks dept.
      Then again I’m playing Ping G400 Max and it’s got challenging looks with daft turbulators all over it.
      Small factoid… Ping engineers admit the G400 LST head hit virtually all the sweet spots in head design and they are struggling to improve on that given current conforming criteria.. why buy new ??

    3. But how do these compare with 10 year-old drivers like VRS-Covert II Tour? Probably about 5 yards more +/- 15 yards.

    4. Great review Mark. Be really interested to see you take it a step further and go through a "tour" fitting with both clubs (at somewhere like TXG) where both clubs can be "maxed out" in terms of adjustability, shaft weight and feel, grip, etc. Including dry ball and outdoor testing. Would be cool to see if you could achieve an optimum distance vs dispersion scenario with both and see what happens.

    5. Zac Carich says:

      Brand new 2 year old Honma tr20 wrapper still on it off ebay for 125. Will smoke both of these

    6. Joe Sabino says:

      nice video thanks! one small edited though as you mislabeled the clubs at around the 45 second mark (labeled the ZX5 the TSR2 and vice versa)

    7. Blake G. says:

      For me, if they are that close it comes down to price.

    8. DirtOffRoad says:

      Hi Mark I notice you keep changing between the ZX5 and ZX7.. (even the thumbnail shows the 7) – so which do you really preffer between the two.. and find yourself using the most ?

    9. I've got ZX5 and it's ace. It feels and looks fantastic, seems really forgiving and hits big high bombs that go 170mph!

    10. thought i was seeing a different tsr2 at 42 secs, you got the drivers mixed up 😉 great vid as always

    11. Rufuss Thoo says:

      Nice comparison thanks Mark. Not sure which I'd prefer. I'd have to test them. But I do prefer the straighter-looking face of the ZX5. The TSR2 looks like it has a lot of bulge that is a little disconcerting.

    12. Tim Seebold says:

      Change the shaft on the TSR2 and you’ll get to 170, I got a smash factor of 1.5 with mine, so swing speed needs to be above 113mph

    13. Ja Autre says:

      Mark’s got me considering a Srixon driver

    14. Rob Chisholm says:

      The only variable for selection Mark didn't mention RRP. With performance and tech almost identical. Which one leaves £60 quid in my hip pocket.

    15. Tom’s Golf says:

      Playing the Rogue ST Max down at 8* and it’s doing a fab job!

    16. Sharkey jay says:

      Marketing is the biggest factor. Everyone wants a titlest driver. No one wants a srixon. And it’s all down to marketing. Fact

    17. Had a fitting for the TSR2 yesterday very solid feeling off the face as well as fast and easy to hit. What’s not to like.

    18. Nick Harvey says:

      The Thumbnail for this video shows you holding a ZX7 but you are testing a ZX5?

    19. Hopp Man says:

      I would probably stick with my Calloway Rogue ST Max LS at this point. I have hit the TSR2 and I liked it but the dispersion wasn't quite as good. I have never hit the ZX5 TBH. Calloway Rogue ST Max LS replced my Sim2 Max and has much better dispersion and about a 5-10yd distance gain.

    20. Mark Can you do a video for people who have bad hooks? I want to learn how to fade more but it just seems to go straight. Any advice?

    21. Cee Bee says:

      the winner is ZX5 because of price yet same results as the more expensive TSR2.

    22. Paul McGee says:

      On your numbers it has to be Srixon

    23. 170mph is waiting for you in the gym 😉 I love your content, and especially the pragmatic analysis of what the numbers are ACTUALLY saying.

    24. Should you be wearing ear defenders with that Srixon

    25. Jim Smith says:

      The shaping is different. The zx5 even advertises itself as being triangular. And the red makes it obvious. Also the toe fading away on the tsr2 makes it look less toed in. Tsr2 is much better looking.

    26. Great honest vid Mark, personally i would go for the Titleist (if the stats and feel were equal) purely because of the looks, looks awesome.

    27. Adam says:

      shock horror….. its the indian, not the arrow.

    28. Great to see a comparison of a brand new driver (from one of the big boys) and something a year or two old.
      I’m in Australia and Srixon are so well down under that I couldn’t justify the extra money for little or no difference.
      Keep up the great content 👍

    29. I think you got the labelling wrong on the first comparison.

    30. Aussie Mike says:

      If I were you I would go for the Srixon based on cost and invest in shaft upgrade to appease my ego.

    31. m bontekoe says:

      The TSR2 was a fighter plane which the British government cancelled after it had successfully tested – maybe the name is forebear of this club's future

    32. V P says:

      What are the shafts on the driver's?

    33. Boyd Grandy says:

      You can get a new Srixon ZX5 for about half of the cost of the Titlist TSR-2.
      For perhaps 5 yards of extra distance, the Titlist club is very pricey. Conversely, in most hands, the performance of the ZX5 would be identical to the TSR-2.
      Base list price for the TSR-2 is $599US, and you can tweak it up to $799US. Highest price I saw for the ZX5 was $340.

    34. The Joker says:

      Numbers don’t lie…stick to the Srixon and save your cash

    35. Bob Reidy says:

      Mark, in answer to this video's title,if it was no good you would've changed…right. Now I wil, watch the video.😅😅😅😅

    36. Sir TogII says:

      So surprising that they are identical….not. Enjoyable nevertheless 🙂

    37. Mr_ Cart says:

      I game the zx5 and just got fit and ordered the TSR2.

      10.5 deg srixon, 9 deg TSR2 (half inch off)

      Will be interesting using it in comp and seeing the difference.

      Gained 18m on trackman, less spin on all shots comparing (hopefully that shows up on course)

    38. @0:42 mislabeled. …..
      and love my Cobra LTDx

    39. Stephen Hill says:

      Always love the content Mark! Who does your editing I noticed the thumb nail is a ZX7 not a ZX5 and when you compared the top of the heads they were actually labelled the opposite

    40. Solomon Li says:

      45 seconds into the compare Mark mislabels the drivers because they look so similar…. LOL. Seriously bruh, right after you show them you say the head with red lipstick is the Srixon but you labeled it a Titlelist. And it wasn’t even the Titlelist model!

      If that doesn’t telegraph the similar numbers I don’t know what else would!

    41. Paul H says:

      It’s pretty clear it all comes down to the headcover

    42. B4rchetta says:

      Here’s the thing. The techno advances in driver head design over the last 6 years has rendered them all much of a muchness. It is the shaft which makes the club head work, therefore the subjective views on looks, sound, feel and adjustability will alter greatly from person to person.
      Find one you like, and get properly fitted. Top tip – Do not ignore Tour Edge, Cleveland and KZG.

    43. Juan Botha says:

      Keep hitting my TS3.

    44. naturalbeast says:

      I never found a driver even close to my zx7 , the adjustability is endless but yet simple , i do have all the weights available aswell not just the 8g an 4g that comes with it , control and distance is remarkable with the zx7 , most people can not pick my ball up off of the driver as it is to fast

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