Is Nate Perkins at the Center of the Most Important Disc Golf Deals?

In this YouTube video podcast, professional disc golfer Luke Humphries, host of OTB Tour Skins, sits down with Nate Perkins, a seasoned pro disc golfer. Nate recently made the decision to leave his team, Discmania Discs, after 7 years and become a free agent for the upcoming season.

Throughout the video, Nate shares insights into what life on the pro tour is like, including the highs and lows of being on the road. He also gets candid with Luke about the challenges he’s faced and how he’s been able to find success in the sport.

Additionally, Nate discusses how he’s been able to help other disc golfers achieve success on the pro tour. Known for his impressive hair, great personality, and love for the sport, Nate offers valuable advice for aspiring pro players.

With Luke Humphries and Nate Perkins, this podcast promises to be an engaging and informative watch for disc golf enthusiasts and players. So, don’t miss it!

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    48 Replies to “Is Nate Perkins at the Center of the Most Important Disc Golf Deals?”

    1. GK Pro says:

      Massive discount on all frisbees! Visit to shop.

    2. Add Philo in this group and DG would win the ACE POT. 🎉 ☮️💟

    3. Please add chapters to your videos 🙏

    4. Love the monkey tail

    5. Victor says:

      Having time stamps would be nice. I found this via the shorts so it's hard trying to find the context prior/after

    6. i love to know some biografical stories from the touring players! please more

    7. Jake Iverson says:

      Great interview. Had to skip the last 20 minutes cause I couldn’t stand looking at a roku screen. Not sure why they changed to that angle

    8. El Diablo says:

      Figures. I buy my first Discmania disc, the Zen2, and the dude bolts. Sheesh!

    9. Aaron Kirsch says:

      I have met Nate in Thailand,.. threw a few holes in practice, then in Taiwan.. he's an amazing young man,.. but Luke,.. this is my first exposure to his thought process,.. this interview shows Luke as a genuine and soulful disc golf Yoda ! I am 57 now,. I was there for Skateboarding wave#2 the Vertical years,.. then Snowboardings wave 2 the beginning of big mountain acceptance and then the x games and warp tour,.. Disc Golf is in my opinion in wave 3 and players need to have representation and vision.. all this musical chairs each year is not building much… at the end of the day wins, style and poise are your intellectual property!

    10. smalcome says:

      I spectated at 2018 worlds and i followed a couple different cards one day and ended up wanting to see Barry Schultz play a little. But what ended up happening was Nate Perkins was on fire and i followed them for the rest of the day and watched as he shredded Smuggs for the hot round of the day.

      i really enjoyed seeing him play with excitement and intensity but also have fun. i don’t think there were any camera apart from Barry’s caddy filming his shots

    11. Annie Hawks says:

      Spectacular interview! Nate’s thoughts on his contribution to Discmania couldn’t be more true. After meeting him at a music festival he was so incredibly kind and gracious. My partner and myself bought some discs off of him for the artwork and signature but after holding the discs and liking the feel but not wanting to throw the discs because of the memory and personal value they held we have easily bought 15+ additional discmania discs as a result of the interaction. Wasn’t aware of his agency and the work he’s been doing helping others! So excited for what’s ahead!!

    12. Jason Murak says:

      I love searching satellite imagery for cool spots, one of my favorite phone activities haha

    13. Gary T Tomo says:

      Come on hit the like button

    14. Gary T Tomo says:

      Really enjoying these Luke, never mind discmania, Spotify will be knocking on the door

    15. Brooksy says:

      nate is not a successful disc golfer, by definition, he is a losing/struggling/non factor disc golfer who is an amateur compared to the best, but nate is a successful disc golf personality, he is successful in merging himself within the disc golf media scene

    16. Small‐Fry says:

      Nate does great commentaries and it's awesome to hear his career story. He has a Rockstar voice that makes his commentaries awesome.

    17. CryptoQB says:

      Met this guy at a sweet music bar last night, what a cool dude! Super genuine and kind! Good stuff!

    18. Scott Radtke says:

      What is with the cutaway to the back of Luke’s head? T

    19. Doug Dunfee says:

      There aren't many people I can listen to for more than a few minutes. I listened to this entire thing! These are a couple of the real ones 🤜🤛
      Nate was one of the first pros I think I ever met when he came through Denver after GBO 2018. Thanks for sharing these amazing stories and insights. Take care of yourselves boys 💙

    20. jcrow62 says:

      I still have my owl yin yang fd from my first tournament 4 years ago. So cool. Thanks Nate you’re the best!

    21. J Lorenz says:

      Awesome to hear this insight

    22. sailfast2005 says:

      I’m sure Nike and others have a way to figure out a player’s potential impact on the brand in harder numbers – probably some lessons to learn there on metrics / value negotiation? Keep on innovating!

    23. Lloyd Ives says:

      I had no idea Nate was sucj a Don 🙂
      Keep up the good work Luke, you smashed it again.

      Much love x

    24. Jay Alderman says:

      Great content. Keep this going.

    25. After this, I am a big Nate Perkins fan.

    26. William says:

      Small ass world. Met an older dude (John D.) at my home course a few months ago and ended up playing with him. Long story short he told me about how Nate, Gregg and Nikko were passing thru here (Piqua OH) and he let you guys crash at his place. Showed me a pic of you all hanging in the back yard and you looked young af lol, maybe 19 or 20?

    27. Yo Luke! Can’t we get these podcasts on Spotify!?!?

    28. justin davis says:

      People like Nate are what make disc golf special

    29. Nate and his crew are such positive vibes. Always cool seeing them support each other. I remember a Smashboxx interview a couple years back where Nate was just starting to really step into the role as agent for the homies. It’s been fun to watch the sport grow and his role grow with those changes. Fun player to watch play but I really get a kick out of seeing his impact on his friends. Camaraderie in a non team sport is just cool.
      Ran into Paige at Hulaween two years back but I was a little lost in the fungus and thought better than to say hi. Hope I run into the crew at a future fest and have another chance to celebrate live music with them

    30. Frank Garcia says:

      Best commentary voice ever. Nate Perkins kills it with that smooth voice & knowledge of the sport & players. Very underated.
      Luke is the coolest dude that came out of no where to take on Skins matches. Loved the talk & you both are killing it for Disc Golf. Keep up the good work fellas!

    31. PMac says:

      Hogan is the best lol

    32. David Duncan says:

      GK Pro; for consideration: an edit that would show pop-ups of the various stamps would be an awesome way to enhance an already interesting story. Plus, the artist would probably be thrilled.

    33. Chuck Rau says:

      Couple of quality humans right there, appreciate you guys and how real you are, one love fellas. Yo Nate, BMFS and LoS. 👍

    34. j mc says:

      I just feel like I should have smoked a bowl before watching this. It has those vibes.

    35. Davina Penny says:

      Nate, myself and my husband are in Chch New Zealand. I know you are playing the Garden City open and look forward to meeting you and Avery there. . If on your travels you are in Chch area and want a place to stay for a night or two (around the weekendis ideal as I only work Mon – Wed) at any time you are welcome. We are both disc golfers (or wanna be disc golfers…lol). Otherwise enjoy the travels. It is an amazing country. Especially if you enjoy scenery, and unique wildlife.

      Same as I recommended to Scott Stokeley – the South Island is stunning for scenery but consider the hidden gems such as Porpoise Bay (you may see young dolphins close to the shore playing in the bay) relic Bay (you may see some nesting penguins nearby) and also gemstone beach. Luke you would love fossicking there. 🙂

    36. Logan Knapp says:

      Luke and GK, thank you for making some seriously real content. I feel like a lot of our generation is going through some hard stuff right now and sharing deep stories like this can do so much for so many people. I really didn’t know a lot about Nate before this but I hope at some point I get the chance to cross paths with him. Signed discs are always cool but I would so much rather get to spend a little bit of time just getting to know these awesome humans of the touring disc golf world.

    37. truce11 says:

      Thank you for this interview. Really appreciate the organic approach to him helping with free agency. I hope Nate continues to compete. Been seeing him on YouTube content, but have recently became a fan of his attitude and spirit. ❤

    38. Doppelgangers finally meeting one another

    39. Chris Light says:

      It seems like Nate would be a great fit with Lone Star. Texas based, ground level. I think it would be a win win for both parties.

    40. Nate has been a role model of mine since I started disc golfing again, the positivity and love for life this guy exudes is inspirational. The gratefulness shines through.

    41. Kylee Litz says:

      Perkins needs a podcast! He seems like such a wise and down to earth guy and I would love to hear more of his thoughts and insights. And he has great hair haha

    42. W Cooley says:

      Luke WTH is that facial hair man?!?!?

    43. This was so good. Thanks guys.

      Weird question that I've always been curious about but don't feel the need to answer:

      How did you guys go about sourcing discs on tour that you later would end up reselling? Did you have relationships with the manufactures or would you just curate good discs/runs at retail? I assume at this point Nate wasn't sponsored yet, but I could be wrong. This little side market is so fascinating to me!

    44. Tyler says:

      I’m going to quote the great Joseph Rogan and say “You should start a podcast.”

    45. ♤♡◇♧
      Really love this particular contents. You both are quintessential pros in humble and that's a rarity in this world. I've been playing as an amateur since 1979 you guys weren't even thought of yet and you make this golf fun for a 60 year old man so thank you.

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