Is New Golf Technology ACTUALLY Better? | Taylormade Stealth vs. M1

I compare the new Taylormade Stealth to the M1 to see if new golf technology is actually better! I appreciate you guys for watching, if you could leave a like and subscribe it helps me out a lot!

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    10 Replies to “Is New Golf Technology ACTUALLY Better? | Taylormade Stealth vs. M1”

    1. What driver are you guys gaming?

    2. Smoove says:

      Still got my 2017 m2. Looked at new drivers last year, didn’t like any. I’ll try again this year but still doubt the improvement will be worth the $$$. Might just use the M2 until it breaks

    3. What was the warranty return like? I have one (sim2) that’s within warranty and looks like the tops about to fall off.

    4. Hey, what tee setup are you using on your mat? Thanks

    5. Colton Green says:

      great quality in video!!

    6. Andy Wood says:

      What was the smash factor for both? If you swing the the stealth faster, it will equate to more ball speed. The stealth head could simply be lighter. Drivers distances have stayed the same for the last 7 or 8 years 🤔

    7. Please let us know the yardage off center for each. Which is most accurate?

    8. MrKyoo says:

      I’m still gaming the 2016 M1 driver. I really need to upgrade.

    9. YRB 33 says:

      Love it! I liked the Rogue the best still!

    10. Ch So says:

      Are those improvements worth the difference in price?

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