Is the beauty of the Mercedes-Benz CLS only skin deep? | ReDriven used car review

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    29 Replies to “Is the beauty of the Mercedes-Benz CLS only skin deep? | ReDriven used car review”

    1. I have a late 2013 cls 350 cdi 4matic and have to say I am really happy with it. I have owned it for 2 years, it has 150k kilometers and mechanically there have been no major issues. Everything you said about the ride quality and wind/tire noise is spot on. I installed Sound deadening material into the doors and now it's much better. As of not I've got 1 problem , which is blindspot monitoring: well it is not working and I'm not paying almost 2000 euros for something that is not necessary for me. There's also been couple of times when my steering wheel does not want to go down but with some light pressure + holding down the lever, it has fixed itself. Last winter I forgot to disable automatically foldable mirrors so I had to force them open and now the mirror motor seems to be somewhat weeker than it should be. That's about it

    2. I think it would be fair to not talk about NCAP ratings on older vehicles or at least specify its ratings as at the time…some people that are a little slow may purchase a car on those ratings that maybe now only 3 stars in today's standards could be important to someone that wants there kids to survive a crash in the back seats 🤔 just a thought so you can be true to viewers that will use this channel as a guide. Personally I will NEVER AGAIN purchase a depreciated prestigious car just to pretend I'm in the mile high club will do nothing but break your heart and wallet if you can't afford new with all the new car warranties then you shouldn't bother unless you like being branded FAKE MONEY.

    3. Damn … your words say one thing but your posture says another. In most of the images your legs are bent far too much giving zero under thigh support. It's as though the pedals are either too high or too close.

    4. Rev Lexus says:

      Great video, I love the CLS shooting brake! I remember you could get the boot lined in this beautiful cherry wood.

    5. Dedsec49 says:

      Can you review a Subaru Impreza rs from 2008-2011 plsss? And if it’s a sedan that’s better

    6. cold_fussion says:

      It looks like shitt

    7. Ben Smith says:

      Best think about this channel…
      AK asks and listens to feedback, and stays true to himself during the reviews which are always brilliant.

      That said would love to see a BMW X3 review. 😉

    8. J M says:

      LoL.. .. they even test those engine's at all… What a fkn pile of shit.. all their engines..

    9. Cammo 1308 says:

      In late 2008 we went into MB Melbourne to buy a CLS350 sedan and walked out with a CLK 63 AMG. With 354 Kw and 610 Nm in the 2 door CLK we decided we didn’t really NEED a four sedan 🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻

    10. The don’t sell the wagon on the US😢

    11. AUDOIN XR6 says:

      Awww yus. The Mercedes AU falcon ❤️

    12. My experience with Mercedes is such that I would never buy one again. It was OK when low mileage but when the mileage which was only moderate by Japanese car standards it was a lot of trouble. It had been maintained well. Friends have had similar experience with other German brands.

    13. harry smith says:

      I own a 2006 CLS 320 cdi purchased it about 6 years ago with 58000 miles on the clock and its has been a rock – the only problems I have had with it is drivers side front spring snapping (common problem) had both replace £400 by a specialist, gearbox serviced at 65000 miles (7g tronic is the cls's achilles heel if you own one get it serviced every 30k – 40k miles they are NOT sealed for life gearboxes ) one glow plug replaced and the glow plug relay and usual control arms and ball joints it is a heavy car. I average late 40's to low 50 mpg town driving you can see mid 20's low 30's. Its been a pleasure to own and drive from day one with 120000 miles on the clock still going strong . If your thinking about buying one you need full service history and make sure the gearbox has been serviced on a regular time scale.

    14. I'm here because I bought a new CLS. How does the quality keep up after 6 years.

    15. natural 9 says:

      If I took this car out to dinner I'd make her pay.

    16. Dude, if someone is swimming in money and has the Financial Position, they would actually buy a Brand New Example 😏

    17. DocSolstice says:

      Great video as I am looking just these days for a CLS 250 Diesel… I have a first generation CLS 500 (with M113) and I love it!! Such a beautiful car! But the CLS 500 is only a sort of fun car for me (I will keep it), so I am looking for a more practical and thrifty version. This one seems to fit! I´ve set an eye on a 2015 model. 🙂

    18. kon henry says:

      Interior space like headroom and legroom is tight . With this type of asking price ,better get an SUV ( more space , active lifestyle and suitable for daily chores ).

      This type of small Mercedes sedan never catch my eye balls .

    19. DCJ says:

      Love the design of the CLS its an E-class with flair !, Great video !!

    20. I’m am SOOOOOO sorry that this video jsut taught me that a 4 cylinder was EVER put in this car… just a shame 😢

    21. NG says:

      06:51 I'd buy this car just to be able to explain to a mate how much I love my bisexual console, then just leave it hanging with an awkward silence and continue driving.

    22. Tony Bennett says:

      What goes wrong 🤪 what goes right…

    23. End3rW1z says:

      "What is going on with the cows?" xD

    24. AngusNZ says:

      Hmmm, bi sexual cubby hole and ankle straps….are you trying to tell us something ? 😂 😂

    25. I miss hearing your opinion on looks and aesthetics, Adam, because they can sometimes make me question my own opinion. Keep doing them!

    26. Mark Uribe says:

      Nice review keep up the good work. Would really love to see an episode of Hyundai Palisade as the market for a 7 seater is rapidly becoming a thing.

    27. User says:

      W205 review please 😅

    28. SICEM_Rex says:

      The 725.0 trans (the 9-speed one) is eye-wateringly expensive to service. Basically the filter is built into the sump so the sump itself has to be replaced, the retail price on that is around $700 off the top of my head, and the 236.17 trans fluid is about $45/L All up you won't see much change from $1.5k depending on labour rates.

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