Is this the Future of Golf Stat Tracking?

The new Shot Scope CONNEX is here and it just may change the way most of us track our golf game.

In this video we break down how the Shot Scope CONNEX system works, how it can make you a better golfer, and why we think it will become the future of golf statistics tracking.

Shot Scope CONNEX will allow you to track and record every shot you hit on the golf course and the included GPS maps feature takes the CONNEX system to a whole new level.


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What are your thoughts on the new Shot Scope CONNEX stats tracking and GPS mapping system? Let us know in the comments!


31 Replies to “Is this the Future of Golf Stat Tracking?”

  1. Golficity says:

    Watch, phone, or something like else…what type of stat tracking do you prefer?

  2. TylorPC says:

    nah this aint it honestly.

  3. Nate says:

    If it does all that, I wonder why they can’t include swing speed?! Same with Arccos…..

  4. Amazing! I am one of those who never tracked stats and ordered it immediately. Only thing is I use the counter balance weights in the putter grip but I suppose I will have to not now

  5. iblind121 says:

    Tagging is a major issue for most people, that’s why Game Golf got destroyed by Arccos in market share. But this is just a solution for some people and not their primary product so it can work for some people.

    Always liked the shotscope data interface but won’t switch back until there is in round editing, which is one of the most important features for me. Arccos still has my business but also cause I use Gen 1 subscription free. If I had to pay subscription, I might’ve switched to shotscope again already.

  6. Andrew Boyd says:

    Im so happy you made a video on this & id officially never use this. What a waste of money. Thanks for steering me away from this. There is literally no benefit of having these screwed into my clubs lmao 🤣

  7. Price seems right. Pulling that phone out seems a pain. Incorporating with watch would be best.

  8. alex david says:

    this is a rough one, if you have to get your phone out for each shot why do you even need the sensors, just use one of the many apps with maps and some even have a distance measure, so just use one of those. if you wanna save money there are cheaper ways to do the same thing, and if you want the convenience there are better products. Looks like they just wanted a piece of the pie and wanted to sell more to their customers. and the good thing about subscriptions is that they want you to renew so they will keep upgrading, there is no incentive for them to upgrade their app or this product once they get your money.

  9. Phone in pocket: maybe
    Tagging without touching phone in pocket: ok

    Opening phone every shot : hellllllllllll no to the no no no

  10. Cybek Cusal says:

    I use goldpad I like it

  11. Scott W says:

    What a PIA compared to the arcoss system. That tagging system is ridiculous

  12. Golfpad is doing this since many years. The app is more then good

  13. $100 bucks for those who can’t wait for him to tell you “in a minute” 😅

  14. Having played the Arccos sensors for three years now.. I really think having to pair each shot is problematic. Arccos has been through some growing pains but I love that once I start playing, I don’t think about pairing clubs at all.

  15. Tagging and phone no thanks.

  16. BJ Bjostad says:

    I've been doing literally exactly this with Golfpad and the Golfpad Tags for 5 years already… but it also work with Apple Watch/Android Wear and Samsung so you dont have to take your phone out of your pocket and can still see distance/elevation club recommendation. Price is also the same.

  17. That looks so like 1980 digital watch. Wheres the calculator

  18. Steve S says:

    Great video and definitely worth considering. Does it account for slope with GPS and distances?

  19. Sorry, the watch is better. It automatically detects the club you're using without having to tag your club to your phone. If you don't like wearing a watch, you can get the one that you can hook to a belt loop, which even works if you carry it in your pocket. Which is smaller and less intrusive than your phone. Plus having to tag your phone with every shot, gives more for those snobs that complain about slow play to complain about.

  20. LE GEND says:

    Not sure about this. The main complaint Arccos had was the fact that people had to carry their phones with them and the battery being drained, losing connection with their Bluetooth speakers (or other devices) either because the devices were competing or you were going out of range. This is dated tech.

  21. Ryan Speck says:

    Not even on their website.

  22. PURP __x says:

    i think its time for a logo update.

  23. Interesting product. The putting is the reason I won’t try this. Zero desire to pull out my phone for a two footer.

  24. How does the tag identify the club?

  25. Guy R says:

    I have the V3 watch, I’m hoping that shotscope do an update where the newer and supposedly better tags can be used.
    I don’t even like taking my phone onto the course, plus as my eyesight weakens I need glasses for reading smaller text.
    The watch I find is great and misses very few shots as long as you make sure you detect the tag to the watch on set up before you play.
    Sadly hearing a few negatives on their new watch

  26. Zac Roland says:

    Arccos is still the sensor to beat just because you can keep your phone in your pocket the entire round and still track shots. Granted it comes with the subscription price (it’s easy enough to get them for free with a new club from cobra, ping, etc.)

  27. You both are clearly sponsored by shot scope. Garmin is king and you know that. The watch option sounded pretty good though.

  28. Judd says:

    The first company to make scanning a shot seamless without carrying a phone is going to win. I hate using my phone during a round. It’s a massive distraction.

  29. Judd says:

    The shotscope watches I’ve used have been terrible. The x5 was so bad. I switched to the approach s70 and it’s so much better. I really wanted to like shotscope, but hardly any strikes picked up.

  30. I've tried similar products in the past like the Golf Pad app has NCF tags as well. They were ok, got the job done. I Currently use the Arccos sensors. Which automatic and you dove need to touch the club to your phone. They even offer a remote link and you can leave the phone in your cart. Great product bit its not without its flaws too. Thank for showing us another option.

  31. Drae Azak says:

    That price point is insane compared to the competition.

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