Is This the Most Annoying Thing on the Golf Course???

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13 Replies to “Is This the Most Annoying Thing on the Golf Course???”

  1. ZCA_Scarface says:

    Both is the worst time ever šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ might as well just get drunk

  2. normand Paul says:

    Slow play…can't stand that

  3. Travis Smith says:

    Waiting. Not even close

  4. Absolutely lacing a drive down the middle of the fairway just for the ball to land in a divot. Fairway bunkers in general suck too, total buzz kill when you hit a decent tee shot and that shit just so happens to roll into a bunker conveniently placed in the fairway.

  5. Ben Clifford says:

    Enjoying a round of golf and the people behind you start driving because they're impatient

  6. Balboa says:

    Tight race for me tbh

  7. Brayken says:

    Nahh playing bad is the most annoying thing

  8. Passive One says:

    What if you have to deal with both

  9. Yup Yup says:

    People constantly complaining

  10. Tim Merchant says:

    Slow play for sure

  11. Brion Curren says:

    Both of you are Karen's

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