Mark Crossfield is evaluating the NEWEST golf driver launch from TITLEIST, the TSR2, in opposition to the Taylormade Stealth Driver. Final years TSi2 mannequin was not Titleist’s quickest driver so have they redeemed themselves with the brand new TSR2. With new appears and tweeks within the tech can it additionally compete with among the finest drivers in the marketplace. Lets discover out! Benefit from the video and subscribe to the channel beneath for FREE as we speak.

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    1. Everything in my bag is used and I’ve never been fit. I took a few lessons and am contemplating being fit for a new driver. I’d buy any of them but I to fall in love with the Ping and Titleist.

    2. Luke Jarrett says:

      What is this "sorry Taylormade" guff you utter? There's history here- we all hate Taylormade because of you. Where do we go from here?

    3. Why are you using the 2??? Why not the 3 or even 4? Also are the shafts are the same in this? Not the best vid really for a comparison

    4. titleist all day for me.. the stealth is ugly imo.

    5. Thanks for sharing, Mark. Nice video. I've got a TS2, which I bought a couple of years ago when my game was worse than it is now, so the new TSR2 would definitely be worth considering, even just to adjust the specs of the club to suit my improved swing!

    6. I still rock a 915D2 and doubt il change

    7. Ben Speer says:

      I had the TSi3 and just got fit into the TSR2. The consistency in ball speed across the face is just ridiculous. They definitely closed the look/sound/feel gap between the 2 and 3. Not identical, but close enough that it never really entered into the equation of which one I was going to choose.

    8. Gary Verth says:

      kinda looks like you had the ball a little bit far back in stance at end, mind you I am no pro haha.

    9. Titleist flooding all the U-tube fanboys with new kit. £530- for a new driver. You know where you can put that.
      Proper technique is the most important thing. Yet most will spend idiot amounts on new kit.

    10. Your talk about averages got me thinking of shots gained. Maybe we should start comparing and judging new equipment on shots gained stats instead of old fashioned averages? 😄

    11. A $600 driver performs? How relevant.

    12. Aussie Mike says:

      Ode to 262
      Gone but not forgotten
      Giggles and sniggles
      Parfield to Longfield
      Gone, not gone, reborn.
      262 now 284 longing for more.

    13. Adam Hale says:

      Have a 917D2 currently and have a fitting at TXG booked for mid-Oct… TSR2 is on the short list to try for sure!!! Looking forward for sure!

    14. i f says:

      a matt finish would be nicer

    15. Ropu says:

      When the TSR looks more like a Stealth, than the Stealth does haha

    16. Andy Barton says:

      A golfer at my club bought a new Stealth driver. Hugely scarred from topping it in weeks eek! I’ll stick to my Epic 😱😎

    17. at last Titleist finally get it right and name the club after the abandoned but brilliant early 60's British fighter bomber !

    18. Jack Rudge says:

      I’m a fan of the videos Mark and have been watching since 2014 but wouldn’t it make more sense to compare it to TSI2 as it needs to be a improved version of its predecessor just a thought. Keep up the good work Bra

    19. Springveldt says:

      Got the email last week from Titleist about TSR drivers and their £530 price tag. No thanks.

    20. Just 1 more 🤣🤣👍👍👍👍

    21. Paul Fox says:

      Disappointed.One minute you’re talking about the pitfalls of fittings that aren’t relevant. Then you waffle on about two overpriced objects straight out of a marvel comic that just aren’t relevant to the vast majority of golfers now. In four years maybe on eBay but now? You will never bag them so why promote them . Please stay focused on what you’re good at. Grass roots affordable golf.

    22. Solomon Li says:

      The most improved driver in this video is Mark himself. LOL. Both clubs look good to me and the sound seems good on both as well! I guess if you want a somewhat traditional look that’s more “stealth” among a barrel of drivers than the Titlelist does it, but the Stealth feels good too.

    23. Andy66 L says:

      Great point on averages, they should add in figures for the difference between furthest left / right, highest & lowest spin etc

    24. Barebare kun says:

      If these things costed $600+ equivalent in my country then I ain't getting it, these two are mainstream brands ffs.
      All these drivers stopped getting huge improvement since 2010 its the shafts and balls that takes over the driver head in terms of performance improvements as they don't have nearly as much restrictions held it back.

    25. Just one more, just one more….

    26. jacht race says:

      Where are you at with TM? Are they still refusing to send you clubs to test? If so that's astonishing given how consistent your message is with equipment

    27. S Young says:

      Just sound? What is your opinion on the feel?

    28. joe franco says:

      I tested the tsr 2 against my tsi2 and found it gaining more ball speed with less spin and more consistent spin across the face. I’m going back to see if the tsr3 will suit with the adjustable weight as I seem to be consistently slight heel side

    29. Well done and nicely blunt 👌

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