Is this why you hit FAT golf shots? How to STOP & STRIKE the golf ball better

If you struggle with hitting fat golf shots then this video is for you. It explains why you may be hitting fat golf shots and then what you need to improve in order to stop and start striking the golf ball much better.

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    8 Replies to “Is this why you hit FAT golf shots? How to STOP & STRIKE the golf ball better”

    1. Scott Spaine says:

      Thanks for the great instructions that you share in your videos. With each being short and to the point it makes it easy to follow. I also like your use of the instructional tools. Visually it allows for a greater understanding. I have seen improvement with my ball striking because of the reinforced instruction from your videos.

    2. Mike Forte says:

      This is a great visual of the reverse angle problem. What five viewers would give this a thumbs down?

    3. It would be helpful to show a few demonstration swings for reinforcement of your points.

    4. Great tip as usual,very helpful

    5. Great lesson easy to understand

    6. Excellent video and explains what I’m doing wrong. Very clear explanation and great instructions. Thank you so much

    7. O Am says:

      All your videos are great. You’ve helped me to improve my game. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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