It's Day 49/60 on the "Good Posture" & reverse osteoporosis CHALLENGE with Dr. David Allan, DC


How is your posture? Is there hesitation in your answer, or are you resigned to just say not so good, or even use the “B” or “T” word… Bad and Terrible respectively. How do we really attain that elusive “Good Posture?” I can show you and you can change your life forever by learning a few simple habits and take action.

We continue the journey and provide everyone with the motivation of witnessing my mom participate in the Bobblology program and implementing the steps towards “Good Posture.” Not only is she going to improve her posture, but also improve her bone health. She has osteoporosis and is using Bobblology to help combat and reverse the process of bone loss.

Bobblology is much more than an exercise program. It’s a movement-posture education program. Bobblology is the study of bringing mindfulness to your movements. Connecting the movements directly with our feelings. The magic occurs when we begin to systematically move our body parts with our breath. We can start anywhere and move your body with your inhalation and exhalation. With Bobblology you can prevent excessive strain and injury from ever occurring and live to your full potential.

Soon the Bobblology course will be available on soon to be opened David Allan Wellness Academy. Feel free to sign up if our academy is not opened yet.








We provide the best in wellness education for the body and mind. How high can you soar your health and vitality? Dr. David Allan created David Allan Wellness and the David Allan Wellness Academy with the intention of passing on his pearls of wisdom in health and wellness. With 40+ years as a health practitioner, Dr. Allan shares the best experiences in maintaining a healthy body and mind and aims to empower you with the tools that help you reach your potential. Once you learn something here, you can immediately put it into action with the 60-Day Achievement Program. This is a free program for the global audience to help them implement the knowledge you get here. Come for a visit and subscribe and become a free member at the David Allan Wellness Academy!

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