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My financial savings is 100 {dollars}. However I set out on a visit around Japan.
The rationale I give up the corporate was due to a remark from my part chief.
“You have been working lots of time beyond regulation these days. Why is that? I am working 100 occasions greater than you.”
I do not know the way a lot work he does, however I believed I used to be doing my finest daily.
I depart dwelling at 7:00 within the morning and return dwelling after 10:00 at evening. My longest lunch break is half-hour. So I had to eat out each evening.
I strive to go to mattress as early as attainable at evening and work laborious tomorrow, however I’m afraid to shut my eyes as a result of tomorrow will come after I go to mattress. My financial savings accumulate, however my coronary heart wears out.
Since I began working, I have not had the time and vitality to dedicate to the issues I like to do, so I am going to take this chance to take pleasure in my favourite journeys to the fullest.
Let’s travel alone with me.

Subsequent Video
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