Joe Rogan: LOL Hilarious Story Of Danny Brown Training Muay Thai! I Bought The Shiniest Gold Shorts!

LOLLL WATCH TO THE END!! Joe Rogan & Danny Brown speak about his hilarious response when he wore gold shorts to the Muay Thai gymnasium lmao. He goes into why he began .. and took a break from coaching lol . What ar your ideas ? remark under

Danny Brown is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and host of “The Danny Brown Present” podcast. His newest album “Quaranta” shall be out there quickly.

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    28 Replies to “Joe Rogan: LOL Hilarious Story Of Danny Brown Training Muay Thai! I Bought The Shiniest Gold Shorts!”

    1. LOL What are your thoughts? Comment below!

    2. joe needs to give danny a muay thai clinic, even if its just holding the pads.

    3. they shouldnt be so unencouraging when hes enthusiastic about it

    4. Boreganic says:

      Half of the fun of Muay Thai is wearing the craziest shit lol

    5. ETHAN BITISI says:


    6. A likeable dummy for sho 🤣🤘

    7. Please make JRE Cartoon for this plz 🙏 🤣

    8. DaNoobin says:

      Ever since "Grown Up" was released, I have been a giant fan of this man. The unique voice, the unique flow. This man is a one of a kind and I hope he someday see's the impression his music has put on the world!

    9. Pale Amigo says:

      Anytime a black man uses the phrase "my nigga", he really means whatever he says next.🤣

    10. asap says:

      5:25 jews when they heard kanye

    11. asap says:

      his laugh is so perfect, cant wait till hes 70 and laughing like that

    12. Hellcat Zay says:

      He took that to heart “worried bout the wrong shit” lol

    13. Joey Clark says:

      This guy is hilarious 😂😂😂😂 he's so funny

    14. Joe is morphing into a Wolf Eel.

    15. Saw this guy support Eminem at Wembley
      I had bad seats but the shit was lit son

    16. CoffeeYou says:

      the legend himself danny mada fkn brown ladies and gentleman lol

    17. Matt says:

      This episode was TERRIBLE.

    18. Mash says:

      This guy is naturally goofy. He would fit perfectly in a Friday type movie.

    19. Jake Vlogs says:

      Lmfaooo bruh i forgot how funny he is😂😂😂

    20. Tony Patton says:

      Almighty suspect just gave that basketball reference lmao 😂

    21. This nigga 40 I thought he was like 30-35 I remember when he first blew up

    22. Van Rhyns says:

      End time red alert bible signs. Euphrates river dry. Jew messiah revealed(not Jesus). Abrahamic world franchise religion complete. New 10 commands given. Turn from sin . Baptise in Jesus name. We can't enter heaven unforgiveness then our spirits are blemished. Read bible book Matthew to be saved before rapture.

    23. Mitha says:

      MMA is a hell of a drug.

    24. truth says:

      "i bought the shiniest muay thai shorts u could find" 💀

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