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    20 Replies to “John Jacobs The Full Swing”

    1. Jacob R says:

      30 minutes and basically learned 0 HOW. Just a bunch of what.

    2. MrThehardway says:

      20 minutes, 17 seconds…WOW!

    3. Mike Moodie says:

      I got his book "the golf doctor" in the 80's and still look at it occasionally. John is a legend!

    4. KK says:

      Great video. When I was a kid I would have to buy the VHS for $29.95

    5. john jacobs says:

      Golf is really easy, all you've gotta do is smack a ball with a bat and knock it down a hole.

    6. Erykvonkeith says:

      This is amazing! I had the VHS of this back in the 80's. Are you able to post the rest of the video?

    7. R2d2 says:

      ‘Moving out of the way of the body’……all budding golfers should memorize this.

    8. R2d2 says:

      Sadly most modern teachers never speak of club face rather position this, that etc

    9. So easy to understand. The modern teachers complicate a simple movement

    10. Alan Duncan says:

      As a kid I remember John Jacobs on black and white T.V. back in the 60's doing these lessons. So many of todays "guru" teachers forget the simple basics that John describes. 99% of them never came as close to winning the British Open as he did. He knew what he was talking about. If it were not for this man the European Tour we know today would never have got off the ground way back in 1971.

    11. John Russell says:

      Master teacher for sure .

    12. Brad Miller says:

      I've been playing for 40+ years took lessons from my local pro and was, at one time, a single digit handicap player, but I have never heard that very little gem about the top of the iron giving you a preview of the club's backswing. Did you miss it? It's at 14:30+.

    13. DunnGolfing says:

      Certainly a great upload for all too see 👀 👍

    14. After setting up to my ball as he recommended i simply do My Crunch and Turn Golf Swing.

      I Crunch and turn first with my lead side obliques and then on my downswing I push off with my trail foot as I crunch my stretched out trail side obliques.. it took me over 45 years but I finally learned of: The secret of the professional golfer swing in a nutshell. Do it first with a club in hand and feel the power and direction of your obliques as well Cheers

    15. Finally a video that explains it so well and easy to follow. This is gold. He really was the best.

    16. Ivan says:

      I've never heard golf taught this way before. Thank you so much for posting!!!

    17. ⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️

    18. Adrian Leman says:

      Thanks for posting.

    19. eubanks john says:

      Do you have this whole series

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