Jordan invites fans inside the ropes ✍️

Prior to the 2023 Wells Fargo Championship, Jordan Spieth took some time to invite young fans inside the ropes to get their autographs.



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26 Replies to “Jordan invites fans inside the ropes ✍️”

  1. Spieth Wu says:

    i love Jordan Spieth so much!!! from taiwan~

  2. Merkeva 1 says:

    thats awsome karma is real his parents did alot of good for him to becoming who he is

  3. B Frank says:

    What an awesome dude! He was raised with good morals, you know that the family in general are good people! Way to show the kids compassion

  4. Hero,s are made through children’s eyes .You should never let an opportunity to build a child’s confidence go wasted

  5. N B says:

    I still remember when Jordan was 16 playing at Brookhaven in Dallas everyone called him the kid.

  6. Dmkfactor says:

    He was handing out some trophies at the Drive Chip and Putt too the weekend before the Masters. This guy gets it, and gives back to the future of the game, the kids!

  7. McV1LLaiN says:

    My dude….. Jordan is a class act and this is why i will always love the sport of golf and everyone who makes up this amazing sport!

  8. Jack Chapman says:

    I’m sad he missed the cut, I could’ve seen him on friday

  9. Love to see that!!!

  10. krusbaer11 says:

    Meanwhile: Cantlay hasn't signed one autograph but still 2 holes behind.

  11. Joshua 2832 says:

    How it should be..good dude

  12. Ryan A says:

    If that drive was terrible, there would have been no naa Spieth rocks

  13. Diesel Box says:

    Class…..good on him

  14. Max Sahba says:

    Bro, is that even allowed?

  15. Jacob Dixon says:

    This is good to see that a pro athlete still has time for the kids

  16. kyle martin says:

    The golfers golfer…hard to not to be a Spieth fan

  17. Secret🍆 says:

    Omg I love golf so much it’s the best❤

  18. Dianna says:

    This is truly impressive!💕

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