JP Premier Golf Wedges | Discussing JP Camber

The JP Premier Golf Wedges, designed by world-renowned golf club designer JP Harrington, feature a unique construction method that differs from other wedge manufacturers in the industry. Most notably, Harrington’s goal with the JP Premier golf wedges is to deliver consistency demanded by the best players in the world, while also providing the forgiveness all players need.

In this video, Harrington discusses JP Camber, which is the unique curvature of the sole grind on the JP Premier golf wedges that is crafted with the goal of delivering that consistency and forgiveness.

See our Swing Report video covering the JP Premier golf wedges:

Shop JP Premier golf wedges at 2nd Swing:


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    7 Replies to “JP Premier Golf Wedges | Discussing JP Camber”

    1. DJNoobAlot says:

      wowy $600 plus per wedge.

    2. That wedge is beautiful. I almost wouldn’t even want to hit it! It belongs in a display case 🤣

    3. gixxxer1k says:

      camber is not curvature. camber is the more related to the pitch or angle of the club face. envision the rake or angle in which the front forks of a harley go out away from the bike. this is camber

    4. $619 per wedge for anybody curious, just searched on the 2nd swing page. Looks like JP is trying to be the scotty cameron of wedges even the way his font is.

    5. D says:

      No left hand?

    6. Great design, he has an interesting professional story too

    7. G B says:

      4th JP wedge video in 2 months!

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