Ka-50 Black Shark vs Mi-28 Havoc – The Super-Condensed History | Why Single Seat & Coaxial

My “try “at a unbiased chain of occasions, boiled down from 6+ sources plus evaluation on the coaxial & single-seat ideas. Some extra particulars beneath. Relying on for those who’re studying a e book specializing in Kamov or on Mil, you will usually get vastly totally different variations of the why’s. I’ve needed to do some filtering to what appears to be the probably collection of occasions and the state every helo was in at what level within the competitors.

The bulk of the sources I’ve discovered state each accidents involving rotor collisions have been just about pilot error, although I’ve learn/seen just a few conflicting alternate variations of it.
Each accidents have been sadly deadly.

Within the section the place I point out the Mi-28A not going into export – to be honest, each the Shark and Mi-28A tried to get export gross sales within the 90’s however none of that materialised. The way it stored competing although is after all one other story.
I additionally do not get to record who-funded-which prototype/improvement/enterprise when out of their very own pocket, although that turns into much more advanced, and I assume that additionally requires perception into how they’re funded (one might have acquired extra funds outdoors of gross sales).

NB. what the Shark competed with vs. the Mi-28NM/NE/and so on, now may be very totally different. You will not I did not go into the developments a lot previous the 2000s just like the radar. Equally, how the bureaus work together is perhaps very totally different right now, particularly as they now fall beneath the identical firm banner. This video was a slice of historical past.

I do know exhibiting IRL footage & images would have been extra impactful, however given the timeframe compression I did right here and all of the tech I point out, sourcing all that might have delayed this video by weeks. And yeah, the Mi-28N AI I used within the footage reveals some fascinating flight regimes. Simplified AI flight fashions & that. And sure, in a few of these clips I forgot to change to gyroscopic heading, so that will have affected the Ka-50’s flight and presumably concentrating on.

My abstract within the conclusion is a bit dramatized, however for probably the most half this historical past is probably the most correct I may get it from printed sources which will need to have consulted each design bureaus. If you recognize some extra particulars, be happy to have a go within the feedback.

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00:00 Tremendous-condesnsed History
12:23 Coaxial selection
13:57 Single-seat & Efficiency
20:03 Manufacturing Run Dimension
21:52 Conclusions


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    9 Replies to “Ka-50 Black Shark vs Mi-28 Havoc – The Super-Condensed History | Why Single Seat & Coaxial”

    1. Chris Gaming says:

      hey i was wondering if you have any tips or tricks to rapidly descend in the ka-50
      whenever i try to descend rapidly i end up snapping my rotorblades off.

    2. NotARambo says:

      So does this mean that the BS3 review is coming soon? :))

    3. Damp Sok says:

      Thank you Volk for the work you do. I really appreciate your content style.

    4. Thank you for the video 👍🏻

    5. That was a great summary! I learned quite a bit.

    6. InfiniteIron says:

      This was a great video 😀 They did our shark dirty 🙁

    7. Thanks for the hard work that you put in creating this video, really enjoyed it. love flying the shark..

    8. Robert Feher says:

      Fantastic material with in depth development history. Thanks a lot for putting it together. A fellow Shark driver.


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