Ken Speaks For The First Time About His Injury || Life Wide Open Podcast #46

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In Todays Podcast, Ken Updates Us On How He is Recovering From His Fractured C7, The Golfball Bandit is Terrorizing our Neighborhood, We Pay attention To Our Mixtape, and The Vikings are Headed To The Superbowl.

Thanks everybody for the help this far! Highway to 200k

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    24 Replies to “Ken Speaks For The First Time About His Injury || Life Wide Open Podcast #46”

    1. Lizard says:

      my dad has a ranger and his buddy’s got them sxs too they go in trails going on poker runs having a time and a half all the time

    2. CoDMw2hunter says:

      Boys, you should totally figure out how to use that irresistable song for a podcast intro or outro or something that shit kinda bops lol

    3. Did CJ park in front of the door while on the ranger playing the 2 songs ?

    4. Felt so bad for two reasons I was comment 421 sorry to wreck that ….

      Also everyone nodding their heads. But poor Ken could not

    5. jake lambert says:

      Do a collab with sxs blog have them build the rzr up they are out of michigan

    6. Ethan Martin says:

      Bring Russ on for at least one episode!

    7. Dustin Brown says:

      You guys should go by like 500 bars of soap and dump them in the bed of his truck.

    8. Jade Lewter says:

      Do you know Braden price

    9. People are struggling with money right now. Around the 08 time me and my dad were buying and selling on ebay. After the crash happened things really slowed down obviously. But the one thing that caught us off guard was trading became very popular since no one had money.

    10. Nick Fay says:

      It was probably recorded in a correctional facility by an inmate

    11. I would just fill the cab of his truck with golf balls

    12. Cole Powers says:

      Hit up sxsblog for a brick city fab cage and some simpson harnesses. They've taken some serious tumbles and have been shaken up but never seriously hurt. Hope Ken heals up quick.

    13. Jesse says:

      These things are not safe and they should be illegal. LO😂

    14. You guys gotta make a music video

    15. Favourite part of this was the mixtape boys. Shedding light on a guy real passionate about his music and CBOYS. the vibes are high here boys 👍🏼🙏🏼

    16. ken is in crash climbs out of wreck and also walked into hospital. ken is a beast.

    17. Hey guys love the videos! I watch every video and podcast as soon as you post.
      But you guys should watch any other podcast and then watch yours. Idk what it is but your guys audio isn’t that great.
      I feel like I can hear you guys better on the normal channel when you guys don’t even have mics in your faces

    18. Deondre 0123 says:

      Mixtape was vibey 😂

    19. You should do the foot race😂 or whoever can run the furthest

    20. 519 Scott says:

      Bro that song is a vibe!!!

    21. Noah Artner says:

      who the effff is grant, Ryan???

    22. Iam Him says:

      The golf ball bandit is harmless he did it for the clout look how much attention yall gave him. It seems his plot worked lol throw em in video give em new truck! that chevy he got garbage 😂

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