Kevin Nealon tells a Story about Golfing with Norm Macdonald


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    15 Replies to “Kevin Nealon tells a Story about Golfing with Norm Macdonald”

    1. I have a feeling Norm MacDonald was a master procrastinator

    2. David Rice says:

      I didn't appreciate Norm until he passed – I do know –
      He was a great dude – I just wish I understood this a long time ago

    3. This hits home for me. Why? Because me and my lifetime pals were all characters too.. and often reminisced about great times… several of whom passed away too.. like Norm. Sad. Very sad.

    4. All the funny actors have to quit now….or get canceled for being funny.

    5. “sounds like every day getting him to the podcast”

    6. I love Norm qualifying everything

    7. Brent Abbott says:

      I watched all of these when they came out on the pod cast .good shit.

    8. Dang Grimbus says:

      That look of genuine embarrassment when your friend is roasting you, never seen Norm like that before this, lol

    9. Elias Neto says:

      Norm was a scratch player

    10. Durango 88 says:

      I never thought Kevin was that funny 🤷🏻‍♂️

    11. anton101101 says:

      Good impression of Norm, got that classic Norm rhythm.

    12. I love these stories.

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