Lateral Water Hazard Relief – Scotty's Golf Rulings

Attention all golfers! Have you ever wondered what you relief options are when your ball is in a lateral water hazard?Our rules guru Scotty is here to explain…

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    3 Replies to “Lateral Water Hazard Relief – Scotty's Golf Rulings”

    1. Keith Smith says:

      What if there is no marshall ,you cant find your ball, how certain do you have to be?

    2. DINO FOURKAS says:

      Question 1
      after hitting over a frozen water hazard 
      my ball came short 1 foot from making it across not sure if the ice would hold my weight i decided to reach and grab my ball  take a drop even though i did not make it across is this legal if not was i able to walk on the ice even tho i did not make it across and hit it 

      question 2
       if my ball came shot on a water hazzert not frozen  and was 1/2 foot short of making it across can i reach in the water  for it and take a drop or do i have to re hit it in order to cross the hazzert

    3. Russ Wagner says:

      Forgot to tell us how many penalty strokes mate.. only told me the 1 stroke n distance penalty that I already new ..

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