Lauren Boebert Might Be Breaking Campaign Finance Laws AGAIN

Lauren Boebert is as soon as once more going through issues with the FEC for doable marketing campaign finance violations, this time concerning her alleged use of marketing campaign funds to advertise her new e-book. The usage of marketing campaign funds to promote objects from which you’ll personally revenue is strictly forbidden, however proper now it seems that Boebert has been doing precisely that. Farron Cousins explains what occurs, and in addition why we should not get our hopes up a few doable investigation.

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Will the potential marketing campaign finance violations from Lauren Bobert ever come to an finish? The reply to that query seems to be no. No, they won’t. Lauren Bobert might have damaged the regulation probably once more with a latest, um, e-book pitch that she apparently used marketing campaign funds to fund. Now, earlier than I get into the main points, let’s make one factor very clear. Campaign finance legal guidelines right here in the US are an entire and whole joke, and they’re hardly ever, if ever enforced. From time to time you will hear a narrative about some Yahoo on the market. Usually, you recognize, primarily based on latest historical past, it is gonna be a Republican lawmaker that will get somewhat too grasping. That will get somewhat too overt, you recognize, spending cash on issues like golf pants and golf balls. However these tales are few and much between as a result of it takes an actual fool to interrupt the legal guidelines which are hardly ever enforced as it’s.

But when Lauren Bobert retains on this monitor, I gotta let you know, she appears like she is perhaps the subsequent one to go down. So this is what occurred. On this newest occasion, uh, a number of months in the past, Lauren Bobert was on the market selling her new e-book via the Republican fundraising arm known as Win Crimson. She sends out this e mail telling individuals, Go and purchase my e-book. Listed below are the hyperlinks. In fact it sends them to outdoors e-book sellers, you recognize, books One million, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, all of the usuals. And due to that, she stands to make a revenue within the type of royalties. Had she linked it to her precise web site, you recognize, to say, Hey, go right here to get the e-book. She might have bought these books, given them away at price as a marketing campaign, um, giveaway kind factor. Uh, that method she does not make any cash and you do not run into as many points.

You would nonetheless run into some, however not as many as for those who direct them to, you recognize, Barnes and Noble’s web site. So on that e mail it says on the backside, paid for by Win Crimson. However once more, as a result of Win Crimson is the fundraising arm, she is ready to use her cash to pay Win Crimson to ship out the factor. So she pays Win Crimson to ship out these fundraising emails. As an alternative, they ship out one telling individuals to go purchase her new e-book, that if it occurred that method that it is being reported could be unlawful. Since you can not use your marketing campaign finance cash, proper? You can’t use any marketing campaign funds for an expense that will exist outdoors of the marketing campaign. So if an, if it is an expense that exists, even for those who’re not working for workplace, you possibly can’t pay for that. That is principally how they, how they do this stuff, proper? Mileage.

Say for instance, for those who drove 34,000 miles across the state of Colorado in a single yr, that is reimbursable since you would not have completed that if you weren’t working for workplace. And I carry that up particularly, after all, as a result of there may be nonetheless that, uh, investigation so far as I do know, going into how within the hell Laura and Bobert drove 34,000, uh, th 34,000 miles, excuse me, across the state of Colorado for one single marketing campaign in, in a single district. Granted, it is a massive district, you recognize, you bought a number of miles to cowl. 34,000 is stretching it as a result of that is how lengthy it could, or what number of miles it’s, one and a half occasions across the circumference of the earth. I significantly doubt Lauren Bobert traveled that far, however she obtained reimbursed for that mileage. And likewise, it is so ironic as a result of the mileage she obtained it reimbursed for occurred to be the identical sum of money that she owed for a lie towards her restaurant.

Wow, what a coincidence, proper, how fortuitous ever. And instantly after she obtained that reimbursement, she was in a position to repay that lie too. So bizarre, proper? Restaurant, after all, is now closed. Laura and Bobert is perhaps below one other felony investigation for doubtlessly abusing her marketing campaign finance funds. And her e-book did not even promote that effectively to start with. So, so, that will be the icing on the cake, proper? You are utilizing marketing campaign funds to illegally promote your e-book, and you continue to cannot get individuals to purchase your e-book.


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    34 Replies to “Lauren Boebert Might Be Breaking Campaign Finance Laws AGAIN”

    1. klondike316 says:

      I think we're forgetting again that laws do not apply to trumplettes.

    2. Awax says:

      Put that on the list on “Useless Laws”. Laws written by lawmakers for lawmakers!

    3. AbsoluteNut1 says:

      Ain't no "might be" about it!

    4. Ben TC N says:

      Vote Adam Frisch!

    5. Patrick W says:

      It was probably an affiliate link for B&N as well!

    6. Nothing will happen to her .

    7. Mark Rix says:

      You know I'm getting sick of all these assholes just breaking the law whenever they feel like it…. hello doj where you at buddy

    8. Lauren Boebert is proof the prophecy according to Idiocracy is coming to pass.

    9. As if she can read, let alone write a book

    10. Who would buy her book?

    11. Ayeshteni says:

      The reason she isn't selling many books is because her base doesn't read.

    12. Jonathan says:

      34k mileage is easy to explain. It's just a long term dyno test on her car…

    13. If you're in the GOP you HAVE to commit crimes or they kick you out. Sorta like a Gang thing.

    14. She already went down farron how do you think she got those cole sores on her lips

    15. Jason King says:

      This is a huge nothing burger. Pelosi making tons of cash off inside deals and passing laws to line her pockets is far more important.

    16. Rick Baker says:

      …and she still has the stench of Grandpa Munster on her privates.

    17. Holly Hold says:

      The REASON FEC rules aren't enforced is that Trump refused to replace a key position in leadership there, so they weren't a quorum and couldn't enforce a broken law. Strategic dismantling of our election laws.

    18. My Phone says:

      Why SHOULDN'T she? NO ACCOUNTABILIYT=exactly what we are seeing all around the country! Say good-bye to our democracy…

    19. Loki2 says:

      Her book? Like she wrote one word of it hahaha

    20. Grady Hall says:


    21. I gotta think that the people who support Bobo the clown are not big readers, if they can even read at all.

    22. Keith Perdue says:

      So what? Why would she stop unless there's consequences? America is dead.

    23. Aspen's not grumpy, he's just playing puppy. (smile) He's so cute!

    24. Bud says:

      Why isn’t she busted or investigated publicly.

    25. Ken Eaton says:

      Why not she knows she is part of the untouchables

    26. Cyndi says:

      It's so infuriating that these @ssholes get away with so much! She's already broken how many campaign finance last? Geezus. Poverty is terrible for anyone so I won't say that brainless bimbo needs to go back from where she came but she's definitely not fit for a leadership role of ANY kind..

    27. Jeffrey Bell says:

      I would like to have one for my coffee table. Only because one of the legs is shorter and I can stick it under there since we know it’s a very thing book!

    28. Alf Salte says:

      There are many people in the republican party who have a habit of breaking the law. They all learn from their master – Donald Trump and they see that breaking the law has no consequences, so you can do it with impunity if you're a republican politician high up in the system.

    29. Rules are for all those boring little people, not the likes of high-and-mighty Empress Lauren!

    30. Off-topic I know, but while watching this I was thinking of Farron, his wife and family and his beautiful animal companions in this difficult time: . I just hope that you and yours are riding out this Hurricane Ian OK.

    31. The fact i had to rewatch this 3 times to make sure it made sense is the reason those laws are not enforced

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